The world has gone digital; few of us would leave the house without a smartphone firmly attached to our hand, and why not? Everything we do through digital links is secure and more convenient.

By asking our business and commercial customers ‘What’s Your Next?’ and keeping up with the latest technology, we learned the same trends are true for the business realm; enterprises, large and small, have seen the wisdom in getting digitally fit: it helps them by being faster, smarter and more competitive in an age when doing ‘business as usual’ is, arguably, commercial death.

Combined with your skills and drive, Standard bank’s range of digital business solutions can help you reach your ‘next’.


Quick and secure, SnapScan allows customers to make a purchase from their phones, eliminating the need for a card at the time of purchase, and reducing time spent queueing. To your benefit, this app-based payment solution lets you do business wherever you want, whenever you want.


This secure card payment solution works on any smart device, keeping your business mobile. With BluMobi, there’s no need to accept or carry cash, or follow up on invoice payments.

Tap to Pay

With Tap to Pay, a card-payment solution that makes use of point-of-sale terminal technology, you increase security, reduce transaction time and cut the time your customers spend in queues.


This fast-growing digital platform allows you to accept payments in a secure environment, 24/7.


By downloading this ‘digital wallet’ to their smartphones, your customers can safely store their MasterCard and Visa card information, as well as their delivery address.


Our AutoLink devices – one a desktop terminal, the other portable – work independently of the till system and have built-in communication, saving you the cost of paying for a separate communication line.

Integrated solution

This innovation makes real-time online transaction processing possible between a retail outlet and the bank through a payment service provider. A perfect fit for large retailers with multiple till points


A first-of-its-kind, AutoSwitch allows a point-of-sale device to communicate directly with the bank, saving costs and resulting in faster transaction processing times.

Because we understand that business doesn’t keep office hours, all these solutions are complemented by personal bankers who are available 24/7 over those most well-known of digital solutions, WeChat and Facebook.

For more guidance on how to achieve your business ‘nexts’, speak to a Standard Bank advisor, or visit our website at