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North West Development Corporation (NWDC)


Promoting trade and investment in the North West Province to ensure economic growth and transformation

It is the mission of the NWDC to create wealth and facilitate job creation where the people of the North West Province live.

From its head office situated in Mahikeng and supported by ten regional branches, the NWDC fulfils its economic development mandate through:

    • Economic development & infrastructure projects
    • Attracting investment and facilitating trade opportunities
    • Developing and supporting SMMEs and co-operatives
    • Managing its property portfolio
    • Leveraging strategic partnerships

Programmes of the NWDC

The NWDC’s operational programmes create a synergy towards fulfilling its vision of promoting trade, attracting investment, and ensuring sustainable inclusive economic growth and transformation in the North West province.

NWDC programmes:
    1. Administration
    2. Property Development and Management
    3. SMME Development and Management
    4. Trade and Investment Facilitation
    5. Subsidiaries: Bojanala Special Economic Zone SOC Ltd

The NWDC upholds the values of:

    • Professionalism
    • Integrity
    • Respect
    • Cooperation &
    • Innovation


The NWDC is a PFMA Schedule 3D listed public business enterprise with a dual commercial and development mandate. NWDC’s Shareholder is the North West Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation and Tourism (DEDECT). The NWDC is governed by a board of directors and board sub committees, appointed by the Shareholder.

Its full mandate as outlined in the NWDC Act is: To plan, finance, coordinate, promote and carry out the economic development mandate of the province and its people in the fields of industry, commerce, finance, mining and other business, resulting in wealth and job creation where people live.

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If you are interested to do business, trade or invest in the North West Province, please contact North West Development Corporation (NWDC):