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Cape Town, South Africa
Tuesday, June 25, 2019



Green Technology opportunities in Cape Town

Cape Town is home to a thriving green economy and the city’s Atlantis Greentech Special Economic Zone (SEZ) offers exciting opportunities and incentives to investors.

Kathu Industrial Park (KIP) development invites private sector investors

The KIP development caters for all nature of tenant facilities, from large customised facilities through to smaller, economically efficient mini-factories.

Waterfront development on banks of the Vaal River seeks investors

The project is at the start of the feasibility and business case phase.


Ground-breaking mobile unit delivers pure water – anywhere

Blesbok is a mobile water provisioning system for the military which is able to purify all types of water including ground water, sea water and reclaimed water.

Best of breed solutions in the renewable power sector

Lesedi is excited about the prospects of executing small scale biomass and waste to energy projects on the African continent and to date we have progressed significantly in South Africa.

Best available technology for minerals processing and emissions control

Lesedi provides systems for the capture of dust, tars, acid mists, SO2 and various other acidic gases and contaminants in the mining sector.


How a multinational investor settled on Cape Town

Gestamp Renewable Industries (GRI) invested R350-million in establishing a factory in Cape Town's Atlantis Greentech SEZ and was impressed with the efficiency and speed at which the investment was executed by the City's coordination team. The project went from conception to being fully operational within 12 months.

Tourism a key economic driver for SA

Government to help create environment conducive to trade and tourism growth, Deputy Minister tells Africa Trade Week.

Africa’s premier tourism, hotel investment & networking conference

In August, hospitality industry experts will gather to engage on and debate the opportunities and challenges facing the tourism and hospitality sector on the African continent.

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