Global Africa Network Contract Services

A successful communications strategy involves knowing exactly who your audience is and which media platforms will achieve maximum engagement.

Global Africa Network’s communications team has over 15 years’ experience of working with hundreds of public and private sector clients in the B2B space, and tailors effective B2B solutions through an integrated strategy incorporating print, online and social media platforms.

Services include strategy, content creation, design, web development, email communications and social media.


While digital media is increasingly forming a crucial part of any B2B communications strategy, the effectiveness of print product (marketing collateral or in-house communication) remains undiminished. Our services range from company reports and high-end research to business and investment prospectuses and marketing collateral. The services include:

  • Concept development
  • Original research and content generation
  • Design
  • Editing content and proofreading
  • Print management
  • E-book / PDF versions and branded flash drives
  • Development of targeted distribution databases

Email newsletters

Email newsletter and alerts provide an excellent interactive and measurable tool for targeting specific databases with specific messages. This applies to communication with clients, with prospective clients, and to in-house communication. Our services include:

  • Newsletter template design
  • Content generation and content editing
  • Smartphone-friendly newsletter design
  • Development of targeted recipient databases
  • Newsletter management and mailing
  • Development of a simple ‘blog’ site to house email content (if client’s existing website not to be used)
  • Delivery reports and analytics

Social media

Together with clients we establish target audiences and objectives, and tailor content for maximum reach and effect delivered across multiple B2B-effecive platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Our digital marketing team also manages SOE and ad word campaigns. Our strategy covers:

  • Identification of audience-specific content
  • Identification of relevant social media platforms
  • Identification of existing client content, and tailoring for relevant platforms
  • Creation of fresh content where required
  • Deliver content across platforms
  • Analytics and reports

Event management services

We are not an events management company in the traditional sense, but we offer an holistic solution for clients who know what their marketing or communications objective is, but lack the capacity for constructing an event that achieves these objectives. Services include:

  • Event concept – concept development according to client objectives
  • Database development – if required by client, research and development of database of potential attendees
  • Scribing and reports – comprehensive record of event (this can take various forms)
  • Marketing collateral – design and distribution of invitations to database / media marketing
  • Email newsletter — development and management of email newsletter for reports and ongoing engagement of attendees and wider audience where required
  • PR – where required

Where clients require services such as venue hire, catering, and other ancillary services, we outsource for client account.

Website development

We offer a range of website models (all mobile friendly) of varying complexity and functionality:

  • Blog sites, styled to client’s brand
  • Mid-range website with a bought premium theme which has more functionality
  • Fully custom-designed website and theme, with custom mobile app

Hosting ranges from basic monthly hosting of the website with maintenance of the software, but no additional support hours or account management, to full website support and account management.

Other services include content provision, ad landscape and ad server.

Original content provision

Research and writing of business and investment content tailored for print, online and social media platforms.

Database research

Development of bespoke business and investment databases targeting a client’s specific requirements and objectives.

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