Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism

The Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism endeavours to accelerate economic growth and support development in the province.        

The department’s main tasks revolve around:
  • Promoting economic growth, diversification and transformation of the provincial economy
  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness of governance and development institutions
  • Developing social and human capital
  • Unemployment reduction through sustainable economic growth and social development


Scroll down to explore investment opportunities within large-scale projects that are being planned or in progress in the Northern Cape Province.

Related to Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism

Project to establish a fuel depot seeks funding partner for initial costs

An initial amount of R15-million is required to ensure the bankability of the project, in order to prepare the project for participation by the IDC and the DBSA.

The Prieska Copper Zinc Mine Project

The Project is financed by a combination of equity partners, BBBEE equity partners, investors, service providers and property developers. The project is currently in its fund-raising stage and the early stages of construction.

Project to produce microalgae-based products for international markets

Business Case and Feasibility Study complete. The open-pond system will be used in the production process. A strong international demand for this product exists.

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