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East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ)


The East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ) is a prime industrial site in South Africa. It is geographically designated and positioned for specialised industrial activity.

The ELIDZ was one of the first IDZs in South Africa to be awarded a provisional operator’s licence in September 2002. The zone has come a long way since that very first milestone. Not only has it overcome various institutional and programme challenges to be where it is today, but it has, as the first operational IDZ in South Africa, helped to inform the South African government’s Special Economic Zones (SEZ) programme make-up and policy framework.

The zone was specially set up for light industry manufacturers in search of ultimate global competitiveness and new market entry. ELIDZ is renowned for its customised investment and property solutions that help industries streamline their business operations and lower their cost of doing business.

Ownership and Funding

The ELIDZ is a State Owned Corporation set up by the South African government through the South African Industrial Development Zones Programme (now the South African Special Economic Zones Programme) to develop, operate and maintain modern infrastructure and to attract strategic investments for the region.

The ELIDZ is owned by provincial government (Department of Economic Development Environmental Affairs and Tourism) and the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality. It is funded by the Department of Trade and Industry (SEZ Fund – Capital Projects) and the Department of Economic Development Environmental Affairs and Tourism.

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