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The Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP)


“Bellville is the most opportunistic area in South Africa. Existing developers are sitting on a gold mine. New developers can enter the market at relatively low prices. It’s very exciting.” – Warren Hewitt, CEO, Greater Tygerberg Partnership

The Greater Tygerberg Partnership is a development facilitation agency charged with a mandate to unlock Bellville’s potential as a sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive leading African city.

Established as an independent not-for-profit company in 2012, The Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP) is mandated to promote and accelerate the regeneration and upliftment of Bellville and surrounding areas, to drive its future as a prosperous, successful and attractive commercial centre for business owners, and a vibrant, inclusive, safe and modern hub for residents, students and the general public.

Turning potential into prosperity…

Located 20 kilometres north of Cape Town, South Africa, Bellville plays a critical role as secondary city to the Cape Town CBD. From its early beginnings as a trading post, today it is a bustling, multicultural African centre which hosts a diverse commercial environment alongside world-leading health and educational institutions. It is a highly connected, pivotal logistics hub and gateway to the continent.

The GTPs mission is to make our region one of the City of Cape Town’s most inclusive, vibrant and economically prosperous areas in which to live, work, invest and play.

Our vision for Bellville

Facilitate Belville’s transition to a thriving, sustainable urban centre

Our core operations are guided by a business plan currently primarily funded by the City of Cape Town, and by grant funding secured from other sources. We act as the implementation agency for the City of Cape Town’s plans to regenerate the Bellville CBD.

The programmes are segmented into various parts which each comprise individual projects hinged on achieving three core goals: to stimulate a 24-hour economy, to build a connected community, and to facilitate its urban transition to a sustainable, viable centre.

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