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West Coast College invites industry partners

West Coast College would like to connect with private and government entities to secure bursaries for needy and academically deserving students.

Bursary support

As an Industry Partner you will not only enjoy prime marketing benefits, but (for as little as R6,000) your organisation will contribute towards changing the life of an academically deserving student.

This year, as with previous years, the college’s total bursary allocate ion from the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has again fallen short of covering all our current 8 903 total registered students. This means the college can only cover the fees of about 2,900 of the total student population who qualify for full financial aid, according to our 2016 means test report. The rest – about 2 200 – will therefore not be covered and their families are expected to advance payments. With the limited funding received from the DHET for bursaries; tuition bursaries were prioritised.

During 2016 WCC carried transport and almost half of the accommodation costs for our own account. Initially we informed students that no transport bursaries will be available and therefor transport will be their own responsibility. However, we saw a drop in our numbers by almost 40%.

The majority of our students come from economically strickened communities and could not afford transport in order to attend classes, which would have negatively impacted on us serving the community. We therefore retracted our withdrawal of the services and committed to sourcing additional funding. We are currently providing about 1 300 students with transport to and from college. For 2017, we have once again committed to supporting students but can’t do so without support from industry.

West Coast TVET College (WCC) seeks industry partnerships

The college would like to connect with private and government entities to secure bursaries for needy and academically deserving students.

How can you help?

As a college serving a community confronted with serious socio-economic challenges, we are therefore appealing to you to support at least ONE of our deserving current Level 3 students. We have secured the tuition fees already but without the transport or accommodation fees they would not be have been able to attend college as many are from outside the campus area. Investing in a future artisan comes at a cost of only R6 000,00 per person for transport and R18,000 per person for accommodation.

Specific student(s) will be allocated to your company for you to track their progress and to report on them for taxation purposes. We will therefore indicate quarterly progress of students and acknowledge you on our website and corporate articles and various other public platforms. As a registered Public Benefit Organisation we will be able to provide you with a Tax Certificate acknowledging your contribution.

How will you benefit?

Benefits for companies who open their doors for TVET staff may include:

  • Employers can recruit students with a strong academic background and real skills to use in the workplace.
  • Students can plough back into the company
  • Companies can use the hosting of students towards improving their BBBEE certificates under the social responsibility section
Why not make use of this great opportunity and contact West Coast College today! (enquiries will go via the West Coast District Municipality)



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