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Infrastructure priorities in Bergrivier Municipality

Infrastructure development especially around the local harbours will create future opportunities for commercial and retail businesses.

Background to Bergrivier Municipality

Bergrivier Municipality is situated in the West Coast District of the Western Cape Province.  The Municipality covers a geographic area of approximately 4 408 km². The Municipality is geographically diverse and includes 9 urban settlements, approximately 40 km of coastline and a vast rural area.

Aspects of particular importance to the Municipality are local economic development, the protection of biodiversity, coastal management and climate change adaptation.

Infrastructure priorities in Bergrivier Municipality

Pelican Harbour
  • Remove and/or repair derelict structures, jetties and shipwrecks.
  • Provide infrastructure upgrades and landscaping to enhance visual impression of Velddrif/Laaiplek from the entrance of the town and to attract investment for retail/commercial activities.
  • Provide building maintenance.
Laaiplek Harbour
  • Increase the amenity value of Laaiplek Harbour, by means of infrastructure (civil and marine) upgrades and landscaping, and market Laaiplek Harbour as a tourism destination, most notably for bird watching.
  • Dredging of harbour to allow passage of ships.
  • Provide sufficient public parking facilities and enhance access to the harbour wall and beach by means of walkways/boardwalks.
  • Prevention or mitigation of further coastal erosion to protect land.
  • Provide space for small commercial and fishing industry retail activities and support services.
Businesses and investors with an interest in getting involved in the region are invited to contact Bergrivier Municipality to discuss opportunities.


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