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Tackling key challenges and solutions in African Mobility, from governance to electrification

With a projected attendance of over 1,200 people and more than 100 expert speakers, the Smarter Mobility Africa (SMA) summit is a must-attend event for all those committed to fostering a sustainable, smart, and integrated future for transport in Africa.

The countdown is on for the Smarter Mobility Africa (SMA) summit, an annual event that gathers leading experts, government officials, global mobility influencers, and transport professionals in its fifth consecutive year. “Scheduled to take place over three action-packed days, from 1-3 October 2023 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, South Africa, the summit is set to ignite the mobility industry across Africa with compelling presentations, thought-provoking panel discussions, and a line-up of exciting features that enhance the integration of all the technologies and solutions on offer,” says Ben Pullen, Group Director of Mobility at VUKA Group.

“Under the theme ‘Realising Vision 2030 through Smarter Mobility’, the SMA summit offers invaluable insights to its delegates, equipping them with a comprehensive understanding of the unique mobility challenges and opportunities within the African context. This knowledge fosters innovation and collaboration, enabling us to collectively shape a more sustainable, efficient, and accessible mobility landscape in Africa,” says Pullen.

Sponsors Champion African Mobility Solutions

Pullen emphasises the event’s strong backing by noting the high-profile sponsors, which include Air Products, Sasol, Toyota, AutoTrader, Gautrain, Huawei, uBambano, Visa, the Industrial Development Corporation, Sanral, Uber, Spiro, and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). This builds on the foundation of Hosting Partners for this year’s SMA summit which include the Gauteng Department for Roads & Transport, the Transport Authority of Gauteng, and g-FleeT. These sponsors and partners display their dedication to advancing transportation solutions tailored for Africa.

“The Gautrain Management Agency’s purpose statement is: ‘Transforming spaces, people, and the economy through mobility.’ Thus, we recognise the importance of understanding the unique mobility challenges and opportunities within the African context to ensure economic and social development on the continent. The summit will also offer us an opportunity to share insights on managing the Gautrain project, a smart mobility mode of transport that provides a cleaner, greener, and integrated public transport service with social, economic, and spatial benefits,” says William Dachs, Gautrain Management Agency CEO.

The CEO of SASOL adds: “Sasol is a sponsor of Smarter Mobility Africa and is excited to be part of this year’s highly anticipated summit, which is intended to explore and showcase the future of mobility on the continent and abroad. The transportation sector is a key focus for our sustainability efforts to reduce carbon emissions, and mitigate the impacts of climate change,” says Rita Sikhondze, Vice President Market Development of Sasol’s Low Carbon Energy Solutions business.

“Together with our partners Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) and Air Products, we will be launching a first in South African at the summit – a promising solution to decarbonise transportation and establish a new ecosystem that will alter the mobility sector, reducing our reliance on current forms of fuels,” adds Sikhondze.

This is the first time that Huawei Digital Power showcases its FusionCharge Liquid-Cooled Distributed DC Charging Solution which will be launched soon in Africa.

Huawei Digital Power will continue to focus on core charging technologies and innovative solutions in the future and work with partners to build an open and cooperative ecosystem to contribute to the development of the smart mobility industry.

Diverse Insights from Industry Leaders

The summit’s programme promises to be diverse and engaging, continues, Pullen and boasts an impressive roster of industry luminaries who will be shaping the mobility landscape. The summit includes keynote addresses by His Excellency Paul Mashatile, Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa, and the Gauteng Premier, the Honourable Andrek Panyaza Lesufi.

Among the notable speakers in attendance are MEC for Transport and Logistics, Kedibone Diale-Tlabela MPL; Tanuj Shekhar, Regional Senior Director – Europe & Africa, Shipsy; George Mienie, CEO of AutoTrader; Vusi Thembekwayo, a globally recognised speaker, author, and investor in the future and Erik Lorentzen, Head of Analysis & Advisory Services at the Norwegian EV Association.

Delegates can look forward to a wide range of topics, including a session on “Mobility Governance in African City Regions.” This session will delve into the critical challenges African cities face and explore how they address them through integrated mobility solutions.

Another highlight from the programme is “Bridging the Funding Gap through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).” This discussion is a must-attend for anyone interested in understanding how to mobilise capital in a way that unlocks the full potential of transport infrastructure and will provide insights into how leveraging private sector expertise is crucial for achieving cost-effective solutions.

The SMA summit also places a strong emphasis on the evolution of the automotive industry which is seeing an accelerated transition from internal combustion engines to new energy vehicles. The summit looks at this from a local manufacturing and value chain perspective whilst also looking at the opportunities for end users – the fleet managers and wider ecosystem. Safety remains a top priority in the mobility landscape, as highlighted in the panel on “Prioritising Road Safety for Sustainable and Inclusive Transport.” Additionally, the summit will address the electrification challenges in public transport.

2023 Smarter Mobility Africa Highlights

  • Smarter Mobility Gala Dinner: Celebrate a night of connection, sponsored by uBumbano.
  • Startup Village & Awards: Explore groundbreaking ideas from 40+ startups transforming local and global mobility at our event, featuring a keynote by Vusi Thembekwayo on “Building High-Growth Scale-Ups in Africa” and live pitching sessions.
  • Smarter Fleet Summit: A How-to-Guide for organisations transitioning from internal combustion (ICE) engines to new energy vehicles (NEVs). Gain global insights through real-world case studies and innovative solutions from Africa and worldwide.
  • Innovative Exhibition: Experience the smarter mobility revolution. Engage with cutting-edge technologies, from electric bikes to electric trains.. Plus, try out electric vehicle in the test drive area for a glimpse of the future.
  • #WeKnowHydrogen Demonstration: Witness history with Smarter Mobility Africa, Sasol, TSAM, and Air Products introducing Africa’s first Hydrogen Mobility Ecosystem, a huge leap in sustainable transportation.
  • Women in Mobility Event: Bridging gender gaps in the mobility sector, this new initiative empowers women to lead change, kicking off with a “Women in Mobility Breakfast” featuring the renowned South African Airways pilot Annabel Vundla.
  • Mobility Engage Party: Conclude the summit with a celebration.

“By attending the SMA summit, you will gain invaluable insights into the latest trends, technologies, and strategies driving sustainable and efficient transportation solutions. Integration of transport solutions is vital to advancing mobility, so whether you’re interested in public-private partnerships, walking and cycling, gender diversity in mobility, electrification of transport, or road safety, our diverse programme has something for everyone,” says Pullen.

“Moreover, the networking opportunities at the summit are unparalleled. You’ll have the chance to connect with experts, forge collaborations, and be part of the discussions that will shape the future of mobility on the African continent,” Pullen concludes.

About the SMA Summit

With a projected attendance of over 1,200 people and more than 100 expert speakers, the Smarter Mobility Africa summit is a must-attend event for all those committed to fostering a sustainable, smart, and integrated future for transport in Africa. It will be hosted at Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, 1-3 October 2023.

The Smarter Mobility Africa summit 2023 programme can be viewed and downloaded here:

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