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Leading technology for minerals processing and emissions control

Lesedi provides systems for the capture of dust, tars, acid mists, SO2 and various other acidic gases and contaminants in the mining sector.


In October 2016 Lesedi acquired a specialist resource pool that has over 15 years’ experience in the minerals processing and emissions control sectors to gain access to new markets in the mining sector. Our Centurion office in Gauteng is dedicated to serving these markets.

Through our network of world-class technology partners, Lesedi offers gas cleaning and emissions control plants for most energy technologies, as well as material handling, water systems, and Control and Instrumentation.

Our capabilities in mining include compressed air, fire detection, suppression, HVAC, solid and liquid separation, fluid systems design and gas purification.

Best available technology

Lesedi’s principles ensure the best-available technology is provided and configured to meet the clients’ needs, ensuring compliance with the quality requirements of a feed stream, or local atmospheric emissions regulations.

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