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Results-orientated and flexible expertise in the oil and gas sector

Since 1990, Lesedi has demonstrated expertise in the oil & gas sector with many successful projects across Africa.

As an EPC and EPCM contractor with a diversified service offering, Lesedi offers engineering and project management services including coordination, design, procurement, and construction management and execution, ensuring compliance with the client’s briefs and requirements.

In this article we focus on Lesedi’s expertise and experience in the oil and gas industry.

Oil and Gas

Recognised for the ability to deliver on a broad range of projects under a variety of conditions regardless of size or complexity, Lesedi’s oil & gas division is results-orientated and flexible, ensuring a successful outcome for the client.

As a single-source solution, Lesedi’s services range from feasibility studies and process engineering to the execution of complete front-end engineering packages on an EPCM or EPC basis. Our considerable experience in the inspection and repair of fuel oil storage tanks gives clients peace of mind that their storage facilities always comply with statutory and code requirements, and our expertise and extensive network of suppliers and contractors ensure compliance with specific client requirements quickly, reliably and competitively.

Tank Farms & Storage Facilities

Lesedi has experience in the engineering, design, procurement and construction of new fuel storage tanks as well as the inspection and repair of such tanks located in existing fuel storage facilities.

This gives clients peace of mind that their storage facilities operate efficiently and are compliant with statutory and code requirements.

Fuel Filtration & Piping

Clean fuel is a requirement for all modern-day fuel users and Lesedi provides the equipment and infrastructure required to clean fuel to the client’s requirements.

This includes the process, mechanical, electrical and C&I design, procurement, and construction of the facility.

Fuel Loading & Offloading

Fuel is transported via pipeline, road or rail tanker to numerous locations throughout Africa. For the road and rail dispatch and receipt of fuel, Lesedi can provide the complete solution.

This includes the loading and offloading bays, fire detection and protection, custody transfer metering and all supporting infrastructure.

Oil and gas locations

DMDS Dosing

Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS) is the most commonly used chemical for sulfiding hydrotreating and hydrocracking catalysts.

1. Germany
2. Norway
3. Check Republic
4. Hungary
5. South Africa

Fuel Storage Tank Project

Fuel Storage Tanks are strategically located throughout the world to store fuel shipped in bulk. From these storage tanks, the fuel is distributed locally by road or rail tanker to the final customers.

  1. South Africa
  2. Namibia
  3. Botswana
  4. Zambia
  5. Zimbabwe
  6. Tanzania
  7. Mozambique
  8. Malawi
  9. Benin
  10. Rwanda
  11. Burundi

 Fire Detection & Fire Protection

Lesedi uses state of the art detection equipment at the heart of its fire protection systems. The systems are fully compliant with the legal and statutory codes and standards as well as specific client requirements.

Our fire system designs are based on the requirements of NFPA which are universally accepted.

Electrical and C&I

Electrical and C&I installations in oil and gas facilities are critical from a safety perspective. The equipment specified is dependent on the zone classification determined during the process design.

The control and instrumentation design is based on the client’s manual versus automated strategy for the plant.

Design Support

Lesedi has registered professional engineers from each discipline performing the designs. This ensures compliance with all legal, code and statutory requirements. The engineers use the latest set of software packages supported by the drawing office.

The 3D CAD models produced provide the supporting P&ID, flow diagrams, GAs, ISOs, MTOs, etc.

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Fire Detection & Fire Protection

Lesedi is the agent for DEF in Africa. DEF was established in France, 1958, providing services to the fire trade for over 50 years. DEF Fire Protection provides a full suite of fire detection and fire protection equipment to the oil and gas industry.

Refineries, processing plants, pipelines, fuel storage farms and LPG/LNG facilities all utilise or produce a wide range of hazardous flammable liquids and gases that can be detected by the DEF flame and gas detectors.

The fact that the chemical and petrochemical industries handle many hazardous toxic and combustible substances makes it necessary to implement highly reliable fire and gas detection systems which can be supplied and installed by Lesedi.

DMDS Dosing

Arkema is a worldwide leader in the production and sales of dimethyl disulfide (DMDS). DMDS is the most common compound used for hydrocracking catalysts sulfiding in refineries.

DMDS in a petrochemical environment is injected continuously at a low rate in ethylene crackers. It prevents coke formation and mitigates CO formation. Lesedi has the equipment necessary to inject the DMDS into the client’s columns and provides this service after each shutdown.

Lesedi has the equipment necessary to inject the DMDS into the client’s columns and provides this service after each shutdown.

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