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Opportunities for BPO and ICT facilities in Science and Technology Park

East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ) is planning to convert into a Smart Park with IoT capabilities. Various opportunities exist for investors/businesses in the ICT & BPO sectors.

ICT & BPO opportunities in the ELIDZ

The ICT sector is ranked amongst the top five sectors in South Africa, in terms of its contribution to gross domestic product.

As a bid to increase participation of young individuals and create more opportunities in the ICT and Science sectors in the Eastern Cape, the ELIDZ implemented the development and operation of a Science and Technology Park (STP).

The park is designed as an attractive, functional and interactive space to encourage the exchange of ideas and facilitate the development of creative technical solutions to problems. Its services include a variety of laboratory facilities, training platforms, an open innovation platform, networking solutions, as well as incubator services. As such, the main objective behind the park is to increase competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness of local industries through innovation.

The following are current opportunities in the sector, available within the ELIDZ.

3000 Seat BPO Facility
  • CAPEX = R701-million
1000 Seat Business Continuity and ICT Training Facility
  • CAPEX = R701-million
Document Scanning, Printing and Storage Facility
  • CAPEX = R247-million
Scalable Data Centre
  • CAPEX Phase 1: R178-million
  • CAPEX Phase 2: R60-million
  • CAPEX Phase 3: R67-million
  • CAPEX Phase 4: R74-million
ELIDZ Smart Park Conversion
  • ELIDZ is currently planning to convert into a Smart Park with IoT capabilities. Feasibility Study & Benchmarking exercise are underway.
ICT Supplier Park
  • Based on the current electronics OEM value chain the ELIDZ is looking to create an ICT cluster in support of its localization strategy.

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