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Diamond trading company launching online auction platform seeks investment partners

The company has embarked on launching a diamond tender (auction) house from its facility in Kimberley in order to provide a service to international diamond dealers who wish to buy rough and polished diamonds from South Africa through a modern state-of-the-art online process.

Company History

Chibza Diamonds [Chibza Diamonds & Jewellery (Pty) Ltd.] is a registered diamond trading and polishing company based in Kimberley, in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

The company has a registered diamond polishing (beneficiation) license issued by the South African Diamond & Precious Metals Regulator (SADPMR). Furthermore, the company has a South African Revenue (SARS) issued diamond import and export permit. Other permits and licenses in support of the current or future operations will be applied for where need be. Brink’s is the preferred service provider for transporting of stock.

Company activities include trading in rough diamonds and beneficiation (polishing) of diamonds, including gemstones in general. Rough diamonds are credibly sourced from mines in South Africa and the surrounding Southern African countries. These diamonds   are currently beneficiated in our local facility in Kimberley. Finished products (polished diamonds) are sold to our local clientele network in South Africa, which includes diamond dealers and jewelry retailers.

The company has embarked on launching a diamond tender (auction) house from its facility in Kimberley in order to provide a service to international diamond dealers who wish to buy rough and polished diamonds from South Africa through a modern state-of-the-art online process. Our company will offer its clients a credible source of diamonds and demonstrate compliance for the Kimberley Process Certification (KPC) and other industry regulations pertaining to the trading of diamonds.

Our immediate plans are to launch the website which will be marketed to an international audience by setting up the most attractive and ease of use online platform for purchasing of rough and polished diamonds. Chibza Diamonds wishes to offer competition to existing brands in the diamond auction business by providing the clients with a visual appeal that will lure customers to purchase its diamonds online through its social media branding and advertising campaigns.

Chibza Diamonds is a 100% BEE level 1 black empowered company with a strong emphasis on women empowerment and giving the disabled an opportunity to be employable within this niche market. We are a great diversified team that will make the tender house project a success! Chibza Diamonds would like to be renowned as a black-owned company launching a successful tender house in South Africa/Africa if not in the world, “From Kimberley, the city of diamonds – to the world”.

Targeted sectors:

Project focuses on the following sector/s: Diamond mining business community, diamond dealers, diamond polishing (beneficiation) factories, jewellery manufactures.

Investment value:

The total value of the project: R10 000 000

Number of jobs to be created:

A total number of 16 jobs will be created on commencement of this project with a combined workforce of the tender house administrators, diamond evaluators and diamond polishers.

Description of the project


City/Town: Kimberley
District: Frances Baard District, Northern Cape Province, South Africa
Physical address: 25 Villiers Street, KDJI building, Kimberley, Northern Cape Province, South Africa.

Business Overview

Africa is the world’s largest diamond producing continent with South Africa as one of the top five producing countries. Kimberley in South Africa, the historical city of diamonds, is known for the first commercial mining of rough diamonds, which was under the monopoly of De Beers for many decades. South Africa needs projects with practical implementation that will showcase a transformation process to include black people in the diamond industry.

Chibza Diamonds’ tender house was established with the intentions of revolutionizing the auctioning of rough and polished diamonds through an excellent internet-based online process of administration. Rough and polished diamonds will be displayed on offer via the website with a demonstration of their physical properties in terms of color, clarity, carats (weight) and clarity.

The four C’s will be articulated accordingly to prospective clients by using Advisor® the world’s most widely used rough planning software from Sarine Technologies. Equipment such as the Sarine associated tools will be sourced and used to provide clients with actual details of the rough diamonds, software will be integrated with our website that will add value and provide confidence that will convince clients to buy from our company.

The company will offer the most competitive pricing and benefits of trading through our website. The company will work with certified and experienced gemologists where possible who will assist in the evaluation, sorting, grading and pricing of the diamonds. The purchased diamonds will be transported to the client’s destination through Brink’s and Ferrari where possible. Diamond miners, small-scale / artisanal miners will be attracted to sell their products through our tender house and encouraged to enjoy the benefits in terms of competitive pricing and quick turnaround of their goods into financial monetary gains.


We have approached private diamond mining executives and owners, and they have pledged business support by providing formal letters of intent (LOI) to support our diamond tender house by offering to sell their rough diamonds through our tender house.

The company is currently in possession of Letters of Intentions (LOI’s) from diamond mining producers to supply rough diamonds for auction to Chibza Diamonds once the tender house is launched in Kimberley.

We will continue with the solicitation of the diamond mining industry to support our project locally, while also getting international companies to participate in our tender house through our website (to be advertised).

The Project is also endorsed for employment creation by the Premier of the Northern Cape Province, Dr Zamani Soul, as well as South African government bodies such as SADPMR and the State Diamond Trader for the beneficiation of diamonds.


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