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Industrial and residential investment opportunities in the Avoca Nodal Development

The Avoca Nodal Development consists of three precincts ideally located along the N2 corridor. The precincts consists of the Brickworks and Northfields industrial developments and the Caneridge residential development.

Project summary

  • Investment value: R10.1-billion
  • City contribution: R222-million
  • Developer contribution: R9.9-billion
  • Investor: JT Ross & Investec
  • Start and finish date: 2015 – 2035
  • Jobs created: 51 500 (Construction) and 19 000 (Operations)
  • Annual revenue: R120-million

Progress to date*

Completed Activities:
  • EIA
  • WULA
  • TIA
  • SPLUMA Applications
  • Rates Rebates MOA signed

Next steps

Old North Coast Road
  • BSC Meeting on 08/02/2021
  • BEC Meeting on 10/04/2021
  • Construction will start in July 2021 for a period of 30 months, which will finish on the 15/02/2024
  • Finalise land purchase & registration by July 2021
Private Sector
  • Phase 1 construction to commence March 2021 for Brickworks

*At date of source publication
See historical data about the project here

Contact for more information:

For more information about investment opportunities relating to this project, please contact Invest Durban, using Avoca Nodal Development as reference in the subject line:


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