Wetstone Business Park

Project summary
  • Investment value: R2.1-billion
  • City contribution: R5.5-million
  • Developer contribution: R2.1-billion
  • Investor: Cedar Point Trading
  • Start and finish date: 2020–2030
  • Jobs created: 1 650 temporary and 1 000 permanent
  • Annual revenue: R45-million (rates)
Progress to date:
  • Phase 1 (30 ha) has gone through all land preparation processes, including necessary approvals and earthworks construction currently underway.
  • Phase 2 still in planning phase with the environmental EIA process underway.
    Next Step (12 months):
  • Top Structure development start in March 2021.
  • Council approved bulk watermain required for phase 1. Report submission to BAC
    to finalise MoA.
  • Funding towards Tongaat WWTW to be finalized.
  • SPLUMA application for Phase 2 to start on receipt of Environmental Authorization.

Interested businesses, kindly send a short introduction & message for attention of the project promoters and investment facilitation team, using the name of the project – Whetstone Business Park – in your subject line. Thank you!

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