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17th Annual Air Quality Governance Lekgotla

The DFFE’s Air Quality Governance Lekgotla is held jointly with the 2023 Annual NACA Conference at the Ranch Resort and Conference Centre, Polokwane.

The DFFE’s Annual Air Quality Governance Lekgotla is an annual event for intergovernmental coordination and cooperation in respect to the air quality management in the country.

The Lekgotla provides a platform where government officials gather to discuss the progress made by all spheres of government regarding the implementation of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act, 2004 (Act No. 39 of 2004) (AQA). 1.2.

The Air Quality Governance Lekgotla provides an opportunity for government officials to share experiences, best practices and to agree on possible solutions/mechanisms in addressing common challenges faced by government in air quality management field, hence continuous capacity building at the local authority for the effective implementation of the Air Quality Act. 1.3.

The Lekgotla will deal with, amongst others, the ambient air quality monitoring, strategy development, the Atmospheric Emission Licensing (AELs), Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement and Capacity building.

To find out more about the Lekgotla, go to:

The Lekgotla takes place over a three (3)-day period, followed by a two (2)-day conference of the National Association of Clean Air (NACA).

The NACA Conference is a paid event and Lekgotla participants wishing to attend this conference should please obtain further information on how to register at and facilitate own arrangements to attend this conference.

The 2023 Lekgotla is scheduled to take place 4–6 September 2023 at the Ranch Resort and Conference Centre, Polokwane. The NACA Conference will take place 6–8 September at the same venue.




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