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Should on-land businesses welcome the rise of online shopping?

There are currently around 311.4 million consumers active on the eCommerce market. Here are several reasons why you should invest in creating an online presence for your business.

Online retail has experienced a surge in the last few years. There are currently around 311.4 million consumers active on the eCommerce market, more than 41 million from the UK. The UK is widely seen as having one of the most developed eCommerce markets, and the time to invest in it is now.

Reaching the international market

Brick-and-mortar stores might have a lot going for them, but they can only reach a local market without an online presence. Having an online business gives customers around the world access to your products. It broadens your customer base, and even locals can access your business outside of operating hours.

Better marketing

Having an online business doesn’t have to mean closing your original one. It simply leads to more visibility for your business. These days almost everything is digital, and if your company doesn’t have an online presence, it could affect consumers’ trust in it. According to Forbes, “a thriving business feeds on generating engagement,” and a solid online presence encourages engagement from consumers worldwide.

You can even take advantage of the growing presence of businesses on social media. Make your business a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account. Get influencers to use and promote your product. Once consumers know about you, they’ll be able to find you online and buy your products if you have your store set up.

Better customer support

Having an online platform available 24/7 gives your customers a way to communicate with your business. This goes a long way in handling grievances and betters your company image significantly. Features like an FAQ, reviews, informative videos, etc., help consumers decide on your product. Even online casino games like NetBet Roulette, poker and bacarrat for example have extensive FAQs and support centres for each different game. All the information given beforehand and help given during purchase can reduce the number of problems and increase your sales. Online casinos have some of the best customer support networks operating in the ecommerce sector.

Can operate from anywhere

As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can run most businesses from virtually anywhere. Having an online presence gives you the freedom to move locations whenever you want. It also reduces the fear that everything will fall apart should something happen for you to lose your physical store.

New customer journey

One can almost say the internet was made for business. It’s possible to make the customer journey from seeing an ad for your product to buying your product almost instant. Ads can be linked to your business website, where you should give consumers all the information they need about your product. Webinars, reviews, and in-depth descriptions are some helpful tools you can use to guide consumers through any hitches in the process. Your job as an online business owner is to constantly analyse this customer journey and ensure it’s as easy as possible and switches through channels smoothly.


Regardless of what your business provides, having an online presence can only benefit it. If you can’t make use of the locational freedom the internet offers, you’ll certainly enjoy a few more sales from having a social media account or allowing online orders.


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