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Coega signs partnership for the development of industrial park in Free State

The Coega Development Corporation has signed a SLA with Lejwe Le Putswa Development Agency (LDA), to assist the LDA in developing projects such as the Thabong Industrial Park.

The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) announced today that it has signed a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Lejwe Le Putswa Development Agency (LDA), from the Lejwe Le Putswa District Municipality in Free State.

The partnership, which will see the CDC using its extensive expertise in project management, developing and managing special economic zones, will assist LDA in developing projects such as the Thabong Industrial Park, a driver training program for youth and developing a synthetic gas project that will turn waste to gas for power generation.

The main project, development of Thabong Industrial Park, is a R69.7-million project aimed to formalise 19 businesses currently operating in the informal sector, creating employment opportunities for more than 160 people. The Industrial Park will enable emerging businesses to improve the quality standards of products in order to become more competitive and expand and create employment opportunities for local communities.

This is in line with the South African government initiatives for economic development and the transformation of various industries.

Mr Bafunani Mnguni, CEO of Le Putswa Development Agency, highlighted the importance of bringing in numerous investments in the area, and further expressed that “…the district wants to diversify its economy from the shrinking mining and agricultural sectors. There needs to be more sectors that are introduced to increase economic development in the area that has seen a high unemployment rate.”

Enthusiastic about the collaboration of both organisations, CDC Executive Manager, Mr Bonginkosi Mthembu expressed how the CDC is thrilled to have such partnerships: “Coega boasts over twenty (20) years of experience in the industrial and economic development projects. The organisation has sufficient expertise and competent personnel who can assist LDA on projects.”

“The CDC is looking forward to work with the Lejwe Le Putswa Development Agency. This is a step taken by both parties towards bringing in investors and enhancing the region’s investment attraction, particularly the Free State Province,” Mthembu added.

Alluding to sentiments shared by Mr Mthembu, the Head of Brand, Marketing and Communications, Dr Ayanda Vilakazi conveyed his appreciation as well to the Lejwe Le Putswa Development Agency for entrusting the CDC with such an important project for the Free State Province. As the award winner of the 2019 Top Investor of the Year in South Africa and the leading SEZ on the Continent, the CDC has certainly earned the respect of the industry in the implementation of mega infrastructure and economic development projects in the country.


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