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Agricultural development corridors in the Northern Cape

Overview of the agricultural and agri-processing trade and investment potential of the Northern Cape.

The Northern Cape produces some of the highest-quality agricultural products in South Africa.

The establishment of fruit and vegetable processing operations would add value to the province’s agricultural products. There are opportunities for the production and processing of a wide variety of products.

Growth in agriculture-related industries would also create a market for related businesses such as fibre sack and cardboard carton manufacturing.

Institutional arrangements / stakeholders

Joint Ventures and partnerships with provincial departments, local agricultural businesses, organised agriculture, research institutes and local financial institutions.

Agro-processing and value addition
  • Meat processing and export
  • Groundnuts
  • Lucerne
  • Cotton
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Malt
Trade and investment
  • Meat: pork, beef, mutton
  • Game breeding and venison
  • Wine
  • Table grapes and several other fruits and vegetables
  • Nuts – Pecan nuts,
  • Dried Fruits, citrus
  • Olives – Olive Oil
  • Dates
  • Lucerne
Agriculture value chain


Programmes within Agriculture

  • Livestock production and development programme:
    • Beef production
    • Commercialization of goats
    • Sheep production
    • Poultry production
    • Pig production
  • Aquaculture and Mariculture
  • Orange River Smallholder Farmer Settlement and Development Programme (ORSFSDP)
  • Vaalharts revitalization programme
  • Oranje – riet development programme
  • Game breeding and hunting
  • Heineken Cape Malting House: Production and Processing Plant
  • Implementation of the Provincial mega Agri-Parks

Contact the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism for more information about any of the above opportunities.


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