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Bellville’s latest wall mural creates a buzz

The 'Save the Bees' mural is not only a work of art but a powerful symbol of the GTP’s commitment to revitalising the Bellville CBD and surrounding area.

If you find yourself anywhere near Voortrekker Road in Bellville then make sure to stop and take in The Greater Tygerberg Partnership’s (GTP) captivating new mural, “Save the Bees.”

Located at 198 Voortrekker Road, this unique piece of art has been created by local artist Wayne Beukes and aims to raise awareness about the crucial importance of bees in our ecosystem and the urgent need for climate change action.

Through their public art projects, the GTP continues to identify key areas in Bellville that are heavily frequented by commuters, aiming to improve their overall look and feel. This specific wall previously served as a space for public advertisements, however, after years of neglect and decay, the GTP saw an opportunity to breathe new life into the canvas and commissioned Wayne Beukes to transform it into a visual masterpiece.

Monique Muller, project manager at GTP, expresses her enthusiasm about this initiative, stating, “The ‘Save the Bees’ mural is not only a work of art but a powerful symbol of the GTP’s commitment to revitalising the Bellville CBD and surrounding area. We believe that public art has the ability to transform spaces, ignite conversations and fuel behavioural change, and this mural is a prime example of that.”

This isn’t the first time Beukes, usually known as Conform and with an illustrious career spanning back to 2004, has worked with the GTP. His previous collaboration in their Art in Action Project of 2016 has been highly regarded. In just a single day, Wayne completed the enthralling bee mural, which aligns with the GTP’s mission to enhance the aesthetics and appeal of Bellville’s vibrant, busy urban centre.

Buzzing with a sweet but important message

The “Save the Bees” mural does more than just enhance curb appeal in the local neighbourhood and attract visitors and tourists.

It also promotes the message of sustainability and recycling, with a specific focus on raising awareness about the impact of climate change and this year’s theme of climate change awareness, recycling, and sustainability perfectly aligns with the “Save the Bees” mural.

Bees are an integral part of our ecosystem, symbolising selflessness, joy, beauty, and celebration, but they also play a vital role in pollination, ensuring the reproduction and health of countless plant species.

By featuring this prominent mural in the community, it serves as a visual reminder of the significance of bees, their life cycle, and the challenges they face as well as the urgency to protect them.

“The mural acts as a catalyst for residents and business owners to become environmental stewards, inspiring them to explore ways they can contribute to bee conservation. Planting bee-friendly gardens, reducing pesticide use, and supporting local beekeeping initiatives are just a few of the ways individuals can make a difference. The ‘Save the Bees’ mural stands as a visual reminder that each person has a role to play in protecting our environment,” adds Muller.

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