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Biomass processing project seeks investors and trading partners

Both downstream and upstream economic opportunities within the biomass value-chain available. The project seeks investment and trading partners.

Project location
  • Province: Northern Cape Province, South Africa
  • District: Frances Baard and Pixley ka Seme District Municipality
  • City/Town: Barkley West, Prieska and Carnarvon

Project background

Quiver Green Group (Pty) Ltd. is classified as an Ecosystem-based Adaptation business. As a bio-economy sector enterprise it ventures throughout the various value-chains of the green economy in South Africa, with a primary focus on the Northern Cape Province. The business focuses on harvesting biomass for firewood, woodchips, charcoal production and for the establishment of a bioenergy generation plant.

Quiver Biomass Industries therefore as project operates in both downstream and upstream economic opportunities of the biomass value-chain, utilising and beneficiating biomass sourced from clearing invasive alien plant species and bush thinning of bush encroachment woody species.

The benefits from this biomass beneficiation project are significant as they contribute to climate mitigation and adaptation, whilst resulting in various other benefits such as:

  1. Economic benefits in the bio-economy;
  2. Environmental benefits which speak to biodiversity and ecological benefits; and
  3. Social impact benefits that are aligned to driving a Just Energy Transition.

Targeted sectors

  • Primary: Green economy and Bio-economy
  • Secondary: Includes cross cutting sectors through value adding i.e. manufacturing, trade and energy sectors.

Investment value

  • Phase 1: R50-million
  • Phase 2: R100-million
Private sector involvement invited to participate:
  • Equity Partners / Investors
  • Commercial Companies
  • Industrial Companies
  • Advisors
Number of Jobs to be created

Establishment of minimum 16 rural micro enterprises and creating 256 to 500 direct and indirect jobs within five years from establishment.

Description of the project

Quiver Biomass Industries, utilising biomass sourced from clearing invasive alien plant species and bush thinning of bush encroachment woody species, will produce value added products for the following domestic and international markets:

  • Energy market: Pellets and wood chips.
  • Pyrolised market: Charcoal and activated carbon products.
  • Agricultural Input market: Soil additives and animal feeds.
  • Carbon / Compost market: Biochar and sequestration products.
  • Restoration market: Landscape clearing and restoration products.
  • Timber / Fibre market: Eco-furniture and innovative green building materials.
  • Niche markets: Biofuels and chemicals.

Quiver Green Group (Pty) Ltd. is currently looking for future export markets to sell 10 000 tonnes of environmentally friendly charcoal per annum, as well as export markets for its wood chips.

Partnerships in place:
  • NC Department of Economic Development and Tourism
  • NC Department of Agriculture, Environmental Affairs, Rural Development and Land Reform


Companies and investors interested in the project are invited to contact the team:


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