Credit: Candice Lowin/CeBER/UCT (Supplied)

Algae Production

Project location:
  • District: ZF Mgcawu District
  • City/town: Upington
  • Physical address: 4 Schroeder Street, Upington
  • GPS coordinates: 28°25’51.96”S; 21°14’04.71” E
Project background

B-carotene production. The investor intends to demonstrate the viability of producing B-carotene from algal biomass. The open-pond system will be used in the production process. A strong international demand for this product exists.

Project description

Microalgae-based production systems are considered a high priority growing industry and commercial production facilities have been established in many countries around the world.

The aim is to provide expertise and services to innovators and entrepreneurs to address bottlenecks in the production and commercialisation of high-value microalgae-based products.

  • Investment value: R82-million.
  • Targeted sectors: Agriculture and Agro-processing.
  • Employment: A total number of 173 jobs to be created (direct and indirect/construction).
Project financed by:
  • Private equity partners and investors with infrastructure provided by government agencies.
Project status:
  • Business Case and Feasibility Study complete.
  • Northern Cape Economic Development, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (NCEDA)
  • Upington Industrial Park
  • Equity partners and investors

Contact details

Potential investors, kindly send a short introduction & message for attention of the project promoters and investment facilitation team, using the name of the project – Algae Production – in your subject line. Thank you!

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