As part of its service offering to the renewable energy sector, the East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ) established a Science and Technology Park (STP). Through the STP, major strides have been made in the renewable energy sector.

Various initiatives are underway within the ELIDZ and opportunities exist for new investors in this sector.

Renewable Energy Initiatives

The ELIDZ Renewable Energy Centre
  • An already established center with potential for R&D activities.
Energy Manufacturing Cluster
  • Government funded cluster which is currently being set up. Shared equipment and services will be part of this facility to allow for low operating costs for SMMEs and start-up companies.
Adventure Power
  • Local 300 KW wind turbine manufacturing company currently for sale. Prospectus can be made available.
Energy Storage Systems
  • Current work with Impala Platinum (raw material supplier) on fuel cell manufacturing is taking place.
ELIDZ Energy Initiatives
  • ELIDZ currently investigating renewable energy mix into the zone with rooftop PV being analysed.
Clari Cluster
  • Clariter converts plastic waste into solvents, oils and waxes. At least 20 products have been identified from their final product for SMME’s to manufacture. Each product has been packaged with high level financials and break even points.

Renewable Energy Opportunities

Waste Wood Gasifier
  • CAPEX = R4.7-million
  • IRR = 7%
Municipal Waste to Energy
  • Phase 1: Municipal landfill gas to energy
  • CAPEX = R58.6-million
  • IRR = 22%
  • Phase 2: Biogas energy from municipal wastewater
  • CAPEX =  R196.1-million
  • IRR = 21%
Agriculture Biogas
  • CAPEX = R116.2-million
  • IRR = 24%

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