Northern Cape Metals Industrial Cluster

The Northern Cape Metals Industrial Cluster (“NCMIC” or “Cluster”) is an initiative of the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism. It commenced with a feasibility study and is now in its implementation phase.

The project is situated in Kuruman, within the John Taolo Gaetswe District along the N14 road, approximately south east of Kuruman, near the Country Club turn-off.

Location [Source: NCMIC]

Project description

The NCMIC Project is anchored around steel manufacturing, while allowing for other related industries to be located in the Cluster.

The Cluster has been incorporated as a non-profit company, operating under the leadership of an Executive Committee. The NCMIC was initiated as part of the drive by the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism to promote metals manufacturing and related industries in the province.

The Cluster is just short of 60 football fields in size, and is located along the N14, approximately south east of Kuruman, near the Country Club turn-off. The NCMIC falls within the jurisdiction of the Ga-Segonyana Local Municipality and within the greater John Taolo Gaetsewe District Municipality in the Northern Cape Province.

The Cluster will be fully established through a development of four phases. Phase 1 is currently under development.

Targeted sectors:
  • Metals Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Construction
Investment value: R591-million

The Cluster allows for the inclusion of Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SME) and Small, Medium to Micro Enterprises (SMME) with an increasing number of larger enterprises over time. The NCMIC will ensure synergies are created among the Cluster participants, which will ultimately benefit the surrounding communities through increased job opportunities.

There are currently 6 entities which have been approved to establish operations in the NCMIC.

Bird’s eye view illustration (Source: NCMIC Master Plan]

Incentives on offer to Cluster Member Firms (Cluster Members) include shared infrastructure, facilities, and services, as well as access to funding. Shared infrastructure will include a common boundary fence, security checkpoint, utility connection points and road infrastructure within the Cluster.

Cluster Members will have access to shared manufacturing and warehousing facilities (e.g. machining and design facilities, and a shared warehouse) as well as to supporting facilities (e.g. onsite canteen, banking agencies, and a recreational centre). Cluster Members will also have access to shared services (e.g. wireless network, marketing and linkages).

The Cluster will include an Incubation Centre for SMME development, and this will be supplemented by the existence of a Skills Development Centre.

Apart from the industrial activities in the Cluster, other business-related opportunities are planned for SMMEs and local businesses, such as:

  • Security Services to the Cluster,
  • Gardening Services,
  • a Restaurant/Coffee Shop,
  • Conference Facilities,
  • opportunities during the Construction Phase,
  • Courier and Postal Services,
  • Waste Management and Recycling, etc.

A total number of 27 000 jobs (direct and indirect/construction phase) are envisioned to be created through this project.


Metals Cluster – Land Use Information [Supplied: NCMIC]
Project Finance:
  • The main project funders include the private sector and government.
  • The municipality will provide various incentives as part of the project support.
  • Public sector funding sought includes funding from the DTI, DBSA and SEDA
Project status:
  • Project feasibility and business case completed. It is now at the Establishment Phase.
  • The Department of Economic Development and Tourism is the principal owner of the NCMIC Project. The Ga-Segonyana Local Municipality is integrally involved in the project.
  • Other stakeholders include the DTI, SEDA, and private sector member firms.

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