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The crucial role of postgraduate education in governance and management

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In the dynamic landscape of governance and management, pursuing postgraduate education is a pivotal gateway to capacitating the public and other sectors. As societies evolve and global challenges become increasingly complex, the need for well-equipped leaders in these fields becomes more evident.

The Wits School of Governance (WSG) offers postgraduate diplomas in Management, Master of Management and PhD studies. Our students are taught by academics who offer a diversity of experience and a broad range of sectoral focus including:

  • Health, social security, humanitarian assistance, higher education and governance
  • Socio-economic and development research
  • Anti-poverty, civic education and good governance programmes
  • Monitoring systems and programme evaluation
  • Unemployment, vulnerability, economic empowerment and the green economy
  • Public policy, African security, international relations, foreign and security policy

Our students learn leadership development by honing essential skills such as critical thinking, strategic planning and effective decision-making. They are exposed to real-world case studies, enabling them to analyse and synthesise information to create sustainable solutions.

A Wits School of Governance alumnus and current security student, Brigadier General Molefi Hlalele, said that he was taught by some WSG academics who have been in the field and understand operational challenges.

“This makes learning robust and fascinating. We can also debate and explain to the academics who may not have been on the field the realities of our work so that there is a balance between academic knowledge and practicalities.

“We grow our research skills and understand the importance of feasibility studies. We are used to working on an operation level but here at Wits we learn the other side of what we do, which puts us in a position to do consulting work,” added Hlalele.

Investing in postgraduate education is a societal imperative for progress and sustainable development.

Our students also benefit from engaging with a diverse cohort of experienced professionals. Collaborating with peers from different backgrounds and fields of work fosters a rich exchange of ideas, experiences and perspectives. These networks extend beyond the classroom, providing a foundation for future collaborations, partnerships and a global community of like-minded professionals. We host public events with dynamic speakers on current and pertinent issues.

Associate Professor Kambidima Wotela, Academic Director at the Wits School of Governance.

The governance and management landscape is continually evolving, influenced by technological advancements, geopolitical shifts and socio-economic changes. The WSG has the Tayarisha Initiative, which focuses on digital governance. It is a hub for teaching, research, policy dialogue and outreach on the challenges and opportunities presented by digitisation in the public sector, society and industry in Africa.

In October 2024, the School and the National Department of Public Service and Administration will host the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance (ICEGOV), under the theme, “Trust and Ethical Digital Governance for the World We Want”.

Investing in postgraduate education becomes not only a personal endeavour but a societal imperative for progress and sustainable development.

“We produce internationally competitive and locally relevant scholarship on governance and related fields. You will leave Wits School feeling a bit tired but empowered and proud. You will get to know yourself better because our scholarship is a life-altering experience. As a student, you will gain and create new knowledge. Still, you will also need to develop soft skills to work in groups and to manage time and yourself,” said Wits School of Governance Academic Director, Kambidima Wotela.


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