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Rehabilitation and development of Victoria West Aerodrome

Seeking investment partners to fund the redevelopment of terminal buildings, runway, warehousing and logistics buildings, hangers and flying school facilities at the Victoria West Aerodrome.

Project background

The Victoria West Aerodrome is strategically situated between the N12, N1 and R63. It was the fuelling aerodrome for flights from London to Cape Town in the 1950s and has significant historical value.

Project description

Rehabilitation and development of existing Aerodrome to service businesses, tourism and projects within a 300 km radius of Victoria West. Develop the Aerodrome with a fire station to service the Aerodrome and the local municipality.

Targeted sectors

  • Agriculture
  • Drone facilities and flying school
  • Export through aviation
  • Aviation
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Car rental

Investment value

  • Immediate: R10-million
  • Short/medium term: R55-million
  • Long term: R25-million
  • Total: R100-million
Victoria West Airport in 2016. Credit: Graham Maclachlan, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Project Finance

  • Grant funding is required for the terminal building and runways.
  • Equity funding is required for the warehousing and logistics buildings, hangers and flying school facilities.

Project status

A 22-year lease agreement has been signed with the Ubuntu Municipality. All suspensive conditions have been met.


  • Short term: 500 construction phase
  • Long term: 150 permanent jobs


The Rural Aerodrome Company (Pty) Ltd will investigate all partnerships.


Interested parties are encouraged to contact the project team. Please reference Victoria West Aerodrome when replying.


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