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Da Bronx Trading Enterprise

Da Bronx Trading Enterprise specializes in beadwork and traditional clothing on special request, craft production, workshops, corporate gifts and accessories.

Da Bronx Trading Enterprise is a company governed by the statutory requirements of the Republic of South Africa operating locally, striving towards becoming a world class supplier of art and fashion beads.

We supply state of the art hand crafted beads diversely produced using a wide range of methods i.e. plastic beads, wooden beads, ceramic beads, glass beads and a cross-cutting variety of beads based on unique designs and modern fashion trends locally.

Our success is attributed to many factors such as knowledge, innovation, customer delightment and satisfaction, dedication, performance and integrity. Each of these elements are very instrumental in our operation and ongoing operational success.

More examples of hand-crafted beadwork from Da Bronx Trading Enterprise. Source: Facebook @Da Bronx Empire

Da Bronx Trading Enterprise is based in Midrand. This location is one of the company’s great attributes. It is located halfway between Johannesburg and Pretoria, the two major cities in the Gauteng province. The main artery in Gauteng, the N1 freeway, runs straight through the middle of Midrand.


To be a world class supplier of hand crafted beads in Gauteng, whilst expanding our business across the country. We also plan to train unemployed people in creating traditional beaded items and equip them with necessary skills to start their own businesses.


To provide quantitative and qualitative beading solution in a cost-effective and timeous manner using appropriate best practices efficiently to:

    • manufacture and supply beads,
    • deliver innovation, cost effective and efficient products and services using multi-access channels of modern electronic business and
    • develop a unique brand of the Da Bronx Trading Enterprise.


Da Bronx Trading Enterprise goes towards laying a firm foundation for optimal business processes that will be mapped and reengineered to ensure product quality standards and seamless service delivery. Our strength as an enterprise lies in the different backgrounds, experiences, different cultural, religious and racial groups.

Herein is the foundation for the culture of our business:

  • being confident, positive and independent
  • goal oriented, making things happen and achieving as important
  • exploring and discovering and creativity and innovation
  • strong determination, hardworking and open communication
  • adaptable and quick to learn while taking calculated risks

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Phone: 079 932 7799


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