Implats CEO, Nico Muller

The recent floods in KwaZulu-Natal have caused unimaginable destruction and devastation in the province, with damage to infrastructure and many people losing their lives, their homes and all their belongings.

Implats has responded to calls for help and has donated R10-million to disaster response NGO, Gift of the Givers. The NGO has initially focused on providing essentials, such as hot meals, blankets, bottled water, warm clothes, and diapers to those in low lying areas who have lost their material possessions.

Food parcels, school uniforms and stationery will be provided where the need arises, while building material and assistance with repairs will be considered where school infrastructure has been damaged.

The Gift of the Givers has commented on the tremendous spirit of Ubuntu which is once again shining brightly in South Africa, as corporates and individuals join hands to assist those who have been left vulnerable by the floods and to rebuild the province.

Gift of the Givers can be contacted here: