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Greater Tygerberg Partnership’s innovative ablution facility solution transforms Bellville!

Providing the potential for over 80 000 users to gain access to clean ablutions.

A groundbreaking ablution block initiative by The Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP) has emerged as a beacon of progress for thousands of users in the Bellville community since its inception in November 2022.

Situated strategically on the corner of Kruskal Avenue in the bustling heart of the Bellville CBD, this safe and convenient facility has improved access to hygienic amenities – sanitation being one of our highest needs for all. This facility services informal traders and their customers, marking a significant milestone in community development.

Thanks to the facility, both male and females now have access to clean, accessible ablution facilities for a nominal fee of R2.00 per use. Open daily during general trading hours, the block features disabled access and baby-changing facilities, catering to the diverse needs of its users.

Monique Muller, Project Manager at GTP, expresses her enthusiasm for the project, stating, “The success of the ablution block initiative underscores its potential to transform urban communities across South Africa. To date the project has provided over 56 000 users access to clean ablutions.”

“Its modular and scalable nature presents opportunities for replication in areas where informal traders lack access to hygienic facilities, ultimately enriching the lives of countless individuals and fostering economic growth. It also offers an ongoing opportunity for funders to make a substantial difference to micro-entrepreneurs in other cities across South Africa,” Muller adds.

Monique Muller, Project Manager at GTP and Alderman James Vos, Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Growth at City of Cape Town.

Raising the lid

Since its inception, the ablution block has served a staggering 56 358 users, affirming its indispensable role in addressing a critical need within the community.

The success of this initiative stems from a collaborative effort, uniting design students, designers, city officials, and key partners such as GrowthPoint, MES, Boudry Architects, Galojo Projects, Container World, Durbanville Engineer, Viking Deco, and KSL Engineers. Another shining example of the power and change that exists in community collaborations.

“We are also proud to share positive stories from the team cleaning and managing this facility daily. One of the employees managed to become financially independent and rehabilitated herself to gain approval for a permanent rented homestead of her very own,” Muller affirms.

As the GTP looks towards the future, continued support and collaboration from partners, stakeholders, and funders will be vital for extending this transformative model to more locations across the Western Cape and beyond. With sustained investment and dedication, the ablution block initiative stands poised to make an enduring impact on communities far and wide.

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