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Air Products’ “Flow Campaign” provides female learners with hope, confidence and dignity

Air Products’ corporate social investment (CSI) committee initiated a “Flow Campaign” to address the needs of girls in five schools in the Vanderbijlpark area, where they handed out much-needed sanitary products.

The aim of Air Products’ corporate social investment (CSI) committee, is to provide funds where real needs are identified. There is an immense problem as millions of South African female learners are not able to attend school for a few days every month during their menstrual cycle, as they do not have access to sanitary products.

Arthi Govender, Chairperson of the CSI committee, explains that Air Products’ initiatives are centered around the youth and education in the communities in which they operate. “Numerous reports show that girls start falling behind in school as they miss a few days of school every month. In some instances, they fall behind to such an extent that they drop out of school completely.”

To make a difference, Air Products launched the “Flow Campaign” with the tagline: Don’t let their flow stop their go. With this initiative, sanitary products will be donated to girls at various schools. With the assistance from the Diphethogo Community Development Organisation, more than 3600 packs of sanitary products were handed out to five schools in the Vanderbijlpark area, where one of Air Products’ largest facilities are based. Despite it being a sensitive matter for most girls, the donations were received with a great amount of gratitude.

Handing out symbols of hope, confidence and dignity at Vanderbijlpark schools.

Govender concludes by saying: “To us this is extremely personal and sensitive, but we only have one objective with this initiative, and that is to provide every female learner with confidence, hope and dignity. The message to each recipient should be clear – that we are supporting them, and they should not allow anything to hinder them from making the most of their education. As a corporate we believe we can only truly make an impact if we also address the more sensitive problems in our communities.”

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