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The 2021 guide to business and investment in Africa

The 2021 edition of African Business provides timely and relevant insight and information in an exciting time for African business.

The 2021 edition of African Business is the second issue of this useful guide to business and investment on the continent. The positive reception accorded the inaugural edition in 2020 was encouraging and we are optimistic that this publication and future issues will continue to meet the need for timely and relevant information in an exciting time for African business.

African Business 2021 has articles on recent trends plus overviews of the key economic sectors on the continent and regional and country profiles. There is an in-depth analysis of the implications for trade on the continent of the introduction of the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement (AfCFTA) and an article on the growth and importance of exploration for minerals, gas and oil.

Neighbours Namibia and Botswana feature in an article on how cooperation can drive economic growth and an opinion piece focusses on the role that digital technology can play not only in the financial sector, but in the driving progress in a broader sense.

African Business 2021 is a unique guide to business and investment in Africa.

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  • Foreword (Page 4)
    African Business 2021 is a unique guide to business and investment in Africa.

Special features

  • Governance and security are the keys to Africa’s future prosperity (Page 6)
    Malawi’s constitutional court ordered an election rerun in 2020.
  • A new era in trading has begun (Page 10)
    The African Continental Free Trade Area offers enormous opportunities for expansion.
  • Exploration could unlock great value for Africa (Page 16)
    Gas exploration is leading the way, but oil and mining are attracting international interest.
  • Neighbours working together for growth (Page 26)
    A bridge is being built between Botswana and Namibia.

Economic sectors

  • Agriculture (Page 30)
    Uganda has a new coffee brand.
  • Energy (Page 32)
    An ECCAS interconnection project shows the way.
  • Manufacturing (Page 36)
    A focus on manufacturing exports can add value.
  • Transport and logistics (Page 38)
    Open access railway lines have doubled freight volumes in Tanzania.
  • Aviation (Page 40)
    Consolidation is likely post Covid-19.
  • Tourism (Page 42)
    Recovery from Covid-19 will be hard.
  • Information and Communications Technology (Page 44)
    Entrepreneurs are using technology to overcome hurdles.
  • Banking and financial services (Page 46)
    Mobile payment applications are growing more sophisticated.

Regional profiles

Country profiles

African Business 2021 is published by Global Africa Network Media (Pty) Ltd

Global African Network is a proudly African company which has been producing region-specific business and investment guides since 2004, including South African Business and Nigerian Business. See other recent publications here.

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