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Secrets of promotion on TikTok: how to become a popular blogger in 2023

In this article, we have collected 3 main ways to attract an audience that you should know about.

It’ll not be a surprise to anyone that TikTok is one of the most visited sites on the Internet today. People spend a lot of time here: they follow bloggers, watch short videos for hours and can’t stop. But what if you want to be on the other side of the screen, create great videos and become a famous creator? Well, this is a very real task that you can accomplish – but for this you need to have knowledge about promotion, and, no less important, be able to use effective methods wisely.

In this article, we have collected 3 main ways to attract an audience that you should know about. In particular, we will tell you what cross-promotion is, why it’s important to buy TikTok followers at the initial stage and how the correct publication time affects the visibility of clips. Having this information, it’ll be much easier for you to navigate the platform and achieve the results that you would like to see on your page. Keep reading!

What is cross-promotion and how can you use it?

You see, according to statistics, most Internet users have pages on several resources at once. They regularly visit different sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, spend time there and follow new products. For you, as a novice creator, this is a great opportunity to expand your audience.

Cross-promotion refers to the promotion of your videos on multiple platforms at once; use this for faster account growth. Choose a couple of the most viewed clips that have collected a lot of likes, comments and views – there is a high probability that they’ll attract the attention of other viewers. Publish them on other sites (where you have a page) and attach a link to the original source, if everything works out, you’ll get a certain number of new followers. Nice!

Why do newbies use paid boosts?

Just imagine: thousands of different short videos from different creators are regularly published on the platform, all of them strive to develop accounts and grow an audience. This creates a lot of competition, preventing most newcomers from gaining popularity. At the same time, free promotion methods are ineffective with such a large number of new creators – it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd.

A big advantage is given by paid boosts, such as the opportunity to buy TikTok followers cheap. It’s convenient, fast and simple – you instantly get the desired number of real (this is important) fans who are active and have a beneficial effect on account statistics. Clips of creators with a large audience are delivered to FYP much more often – algorithms consider them more valuable to the audience and promote the content. Therefore, if you, like many others, do not have time to wait and you want to become more famous now – try paid services.

Why is it important to publish clips at the right time?

If you have a goal to make clips more viewed and popular – upload them at a time when your subscribers are online. The more people watch your videos to the end, the higher the probability that the algorithms will deliver them to the recommendations page to other users; this is how algorithms work. Analyze statistics in the “followers” section to find out at what time viewers are active and have free time to watch videos.


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