An artist's impression of the development

The Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network (IRPTN) – C3 Corridor

  • Catalytic Project: Category A (in or near implementation)
  • Area: Transport Corridors

Project description

  • The project involves the construction and widening of road lanes, access bridges, IRPTN stations.
  • Intensification of land uses along the corridor in the form of commercial uses, residential and related social facilities.
  • The consolidation of land parcels along the corridor is being undertaken as part of a land use strategy.

See: Recent announcement about the land use strategy for this development

The Land Use Strategy includes seven stations which are; Moodie Street, Pinetown Civic Centre, Beviss Road, Henwood, Regent, Wyebank and Westrich. In these areas, land has been identified for high rise mixed-use buildings which can be used for retail, offices, residential as well as public space creation such as parks and outdoor libraries with Wi-Fi access.

There are also investment opportunities, which include state owned land, business centers and hubs, and skills development.

Contact Invest Durban to find out about available investment opportunities.

Socio-economic benefits

  • Investment Value: R3.8-million (Planning Project) + R3.77-billion (Road Construction)
  • Annual Rates: Road Build – Nil, Planning Component project in progress
  • Construction Jobs: 17 335
  • Permanent Jobs: 1 659
  • Other: Integrator, connector of the City

Project status*

Land Use Strategy:
  • Inception report completed
  • Status quo report complemented
  • Budget spend of R1.7-million to date
  • Workshop around proposal 23rd May 2016
  • Full project spend of R3.8-million by 12/2016
  • Project on track – delivery Feb 2017

*At time of publication. See also recent announcement regarding progress here.

Road Construction:
  • Road construction is on track and is scheduled for delivery April 2017

Key issues / challenges

  • Road construction work stoppages
  • Maintenance budget for road infrastructure needs to be secured in the future
  • Potential threat of vandalism of facilities
  • Invasion of strategic parcel of lands for corridor development
  • The clearance of transit camps and informal settlements on parcel of land
  • Infrastructural Requirements only evident after 24 February 2017 when services providers consider the final plan – budgets and delivery required

Response and way forward

  • Land Use Strategy to be taken to Council for adoption May 2017 and effected in the Land Use Management Regional Offices.

Contact / enquire

For the most current update on opportunities, project progress, outstanding actions and investment requirements, contact Invest Durban.