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Hydrogen Economy Discussion 2023

Join us on 19th July at the Country Club Johannesburg Auckland Park or online.

Hydrogen Economy Discussion

Global developments, implications and opportunities

19 July 2023
08h45 – 17h30

South Africa has significant potential to take advantage of the hydrogen economy due to its abundant PGMs reserves, its huge potential for renewable energy production and well-developed infrastructure.

The country has already made progress in actively pursuing policies to encourage the development of a hydrogen economy, including the Hydrogen Society Roadmap, which sets out a plan to develop a hydrogen economy in the country, including the production, storage, and distribution of hydrogen, and the establishment of the South African Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association to coordinate and promote the development of the industry. A fledgling hydrogen fuel cell industry is also emerging, with several projects underway to produce and deploy fuel cells for vehicles and other applications.

However, a number of key challenges remain before South Africa can truly take advantage of these opportunities.

  • Can improvements in the efficiencies and costs of hydrogen production and distribution be realized to enable South Africa to become a key player?
  • How will renewable energy, and hydrogen, scale to the level needed to meet anticipated demand? What specific policy measures and regulations are required?

These are just a few of the questions that will be debated at the 3rd edition of the Hydrogen Economy Discussion. Brought to you by Resources for Africa, the organisers of the Joburg Indaba, this one-day event will bring together all the key players, including mining companies, OEMs, investors, industry associations, hydrogen equipment suppliers, infrastructure providers and independent advisers, who will discuss and debate the implications and opportunities of the hydrogen economy for South Africa and the mining industry.

Join us on 19th July at the Country Club Johannesburg Auckland Park or online.

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