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T3 Diamonds – premium diamond & jewellery factory in the Northern Cape

T3 Diamonds is a registered diamond cutting and polishing as well as jewellery designing and manufacturing company based in Kimberley, South Africa.

Company History

T3 Diamonds is a registered diamond cutting and polishing as well as jewellery designing and manufacturing company based in Kimberley and it is 100% black owned. Rough diamonds are sourced from South Africa and the surrounding Southern African countries which are processed in our local facility in Kimberley.

T3 Diamonds was established with the intention of revolutionizing the diamond and jewellery industry through beneficiation of minerals that are sourced from Kimberley and the Northern Cape as well as the rest of the Southern African region (SADC). Our team of experts evaluate, sort, cut and polish them.

Diamond cutting is not only an art, but also a very exact science, which needs to be planned with mathematical precision.

Each diamond is unique, no two diamonds are the same (in rough form), which is just part of what makes this glittering gem so spectacular – from its formation deep within the Earth’s crust billions of years ago to the moment you showcase its beauty in the form of  a polish diamond and stunning jewellery creation.

Tshepo Molusi, CEO of T3 Diamonds, Premium Diamond & Jewellery Factory

To grow the market share both locally and internationally by producing world class certified polished diamonds and luxury jewellery goods.


Establish a global presence by delivering locally produced South African designed and manufactured authentic diamonds and jewellery products with the use of credibly sourced minerals.

Values and Principles

To deliver a quality service to our diverse clients locally, nationally and internationally with particular emphasis on the following principles:

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Accountability
Service Offering
  • Diamond cutting and polishing
  • Jewellery design and craftsmanship
  • Trading in rough diamonds
  • Certified loose stones
  • Custom made diamond jewellery
  • Investment stones

Jewellery design and manufacturing

Our custom jewellery will exceed your perception of beauty. We design our jewellery in the state of the art jewellery factory with the latest technology. We are located at the Kimberley Diamond and Jewellery Centre.

We take pride in our ability to capture your vision and to create unique pieces of jewellery that showcase our craftsmanship as well as your unique style. All our design sketches are done to scale, which ensures that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Our diamonds and jewellery

All of our loose diamonds are graded by GIA, EGL, IDL, DIA. Working with these laboratories alongside our own expertise means we can get the most value, beauty and brilliance out of a diamond.

All the way through the manufacturing process from planning to polishing, the level of detail required is unsurpassed, meaning the difference between a beautiful and brilliant diamond compared to a lifeless stone.

Diamond rings

Our team understands the importance of the correct diamond selection to suit an engagement ring’s design and occasion.

All our jewellery is custom made in either 18ct/9ct white or yellow gold, or silver.

Diamond cutting and polishing

Everyone understands the importance of a diamond’s cut. We analyze each stone to reveal the best cut suited to each stone so that the beauty of the stone can be enhanced and the value be maximized. Our expert diamond planners mark the diamond rough by considering the clarity, size and crystal direction of the stone so that the maximum potential of the stone can be extracted.

T3 Diamonds is able to deliver the best cut and polished diamonds to our clients across the world using the latest design technologies, years of diamond expertise, and streamlined processes. We offer manufacturing and consulting services by trained and qualified professionals in diamond manufacturing.

Explore our diamond inventory and get a glimpse into the quality of diamonds that we produce.

Worldwide exporting

We are export-ready and have qualified in all the necessary exporting training and skills through the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism.

We are an ISO 9000 institution and deliver high standard quality products with guaranteed value for money.

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