An artist's impression of the C3 Corridor development (Credit: Invest Durban)

Midway Crossing Shopping Centre

The shopping centre development with a floor area (bulk) of 21 000 square metres is strategically located on the city’s IRPTN C3 Corridor.

Project summary
  • Investment value: R768-million to date
  • City contribution: R349-million
  • Developer contribution: R419-billion
  • Investor: Siveni Investments
  • Start and finish date: 2018—2022
  • Jobs created: 400 (Construction)
  • Annual revenue: R4.8-million (current rates rev)
Progress to date (2021):
  • Bulk earthworks are complete
  • Piling is complete
  • Suspended concrete slabs progressing well and were being cast on a biweekly cycle
    and brickwork has commences
  • Construction underway, project is experiencing severe delays due to water pipe
    relocation which could have serious implications on completion dates (end of Sept 2021)
  • Total project completion is at 54%

For background information about the project, see the previous update here.

More information:

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