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Illuminating Bellville – a radiant transformation unveiled

In the latest update from the 'better. bellville. together." initiative, 157 new lights have been installed in the Bellville Central Business District (CBD).

Bellville, the second-biggest metropolitan node of Cape Town, has been undergoing a radiant transformation thanks to the ‘better. bellville. together.’ placemaking initiative, funded by the City of Cape Town.

In the latest update from the project, 157 new lights have been installed in the Bellville Central Business District (CBD).

Under the stewardship of The Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP), this initiative seeks to harness the potential of community assets, infrastructure, and services to create safer and cleaner public spaces in and around Bellville, fostering well-being and stimulating economic growth and investment opportunity.

The installation of new lighting aligns with the City’s Visible Improvement Programme (VIP), a venture dedicated to enhancing the aesthetics of buildings and public spaces.

“Public lighting plays a pivotal role in urban management and regeneration. It not only stimulates the night-time economy and elevates the aesthetics of public and private spaces but also contributes to a reduction in crime and accidents. The installation of new lights in Bellville represents a commitment to making the city safer, more inviting, and economically vibrant,” said Alderman James Vos, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Growth. The Economic Growth Directorate is funding the ‘better. bellville. together.’ Programme.

Illuminating Bellville’s architectural heritage

At the Bellville Civic Centre, five different types of lighting were installed. These lights were strategically placed to accentuate the unique architecture and design of the Civic Centre building.

“By illuminating public spaces in Bellville, we have the opportunity to showcase existing architectural, heritage, and natural features that are often obscured in the darkness. This, in turn, energises the local economy and ensures a safer environment for residents, business owners, and visitors alike,” said Alderman Vos.

Brightening dark corners

At the Bellville Haven Night Shelter, lighting was installed to brighten a newly painted wall and increase night-time visibility. This area, situated beneath the Tienie Meyer Underpass Bridge, was often shrouded in darkness.

New light for Public Art

The ‘better. bellville. together.’ team is gearing up to illuminate the new mural at the Bellville Public Transport Intersection (PTI). This illuminating project will make the mural visible long after sunset, offering a significant landmark to help orientate people along this important commuter route.

Be part of ‘better. bellville. together’

The GTP team is actively seeking partnerships with property and business owners to expand the ‘better. bellville. together.’ campaign’s reach and illuminate more local buildings. Moreover, the GTP welcomes creative input on lighting design and effects in public spaces, and are open to collaborations with financial, technical, and creative partners to illuminate other landmark buildings.

“Bellville is on the path to becoming a safer, more attractive, and economically thriving region, thanks to the ‘better. bellville. together.’ initiative. By illuminating its potential and beauty, Bellville is not only enhancing its physical appearance but also creating a sense of community and pride that will continue to shine brightly for years to come,” said Alderman Vos.


The Greater Tygerberg Partnership worked closely with Sub council managers, Councillor Kleinsmith and Pat Jansen, who provided invaluable support. Facilities Manager Vernon Erasmus also played a crucial role. Special thanks to project suppliers Eagle Lighting and Nyako Electrical, who made this transformation possible.


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