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Will you leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones?

Where there is a will, there is a way.

The world has been gripped by the Covid-19 pandemic and now more than ever it appears that tomorrow is not promised to anyone. With no end in sight, many are now thinking about protecting their families after they have left them. Having a will has often been seen in many communities as taboo – as though one were inviting death – but it is in fact a necessary document to have, especially if you reside in South Africa.

What is a will? 

A will, also called a last will and testament, is a document in which a person determines what must happen to their estate when they pass on.

Why should you have a will? 

A common misconception is that wills are only for wealthy people. This is not true; by drafting a will you ensure that your assets – regardless of their value – are disposed of in accordance with you wishes. Having a last will and testament will reduce additional stress on your loved ones during an emotional time. A will enables you the opportunity to:

  • Name your heirs and stipulate who the beneficiaries of your assets will be,
  • Nominate a guardian for your minor children or other dependents,
  • Create a trust in your will for the benefit of your children.
  • Exclude family assets from the matrimonial property of your children or surviving spouse.

Leaving a will in the event of your death will prevent confusion and conflict among your loved ones because there will be clear instructions from you from beyond the grave on how to distribute your assets.

When should you draft your will? 

National Wills Week is taking place from 13 – 17 September 2021 and Molefe Dlepu Incorporated is participating in the initiative. If you have never drafted a will before and would like to have one drafted for you free of charge this is an excellent opportunity to do so. A list of participating attorneys is available on

Senior Attorney Mr Mazibuko
Who should draft your will?

Attorneys have the necessary legal knowledge and qualification to help you draft a will. They can advise you on any problem which may arise with regards to your will and can ensure that your will is valid and reflects only your wishes.

An attorney will also be able to assist your nominated executor in fulfilling your wishes. Molefe Dlepu Incorporated is proud to have the expertise of attorney, Mr. William Mazibuko, at your service.

Mr. Mazibuko has extensive experience in wills and estates as a former estate controller and assistant master in the office of the Master of the High Court. He is more than capable to answer any questions you may have about drafting a will and helping you draft a will unique to your needs.


Molefe Dlepu Incorporated is located at 70 Northumberland Road South Kensington, Johannesburg (near Eastgate Shopping Centre).


To make an appointment with Molefe Dlepu Incorporated for Wills Week 2021, contact us on 011 616 0005 or Remember to bring your ID, a comprehensive list of what you own, and a list of your beneficiaries and their ID numbers.

Wise up and do the right thing for you and your loved ones. Leave a lasting legacy long after you’re gone.


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