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The best social media sites and services for artists

It’s a great time to be an artist, especially thanks to modern social media. Learn which social media sites are the best choices for artists starting out.

Social media platforms all artists should use

There has never been a better time to be an artist. Whether it’s painting on a canvas, creating music, or using the latest 3D software to design something new and interesting, for the artist of the modern age, the internet is the ultimate way to reach out to as many potential clients and customers as possible.

Finding clients and building a trusted and well-known brand can be made significantly easier by making use of modern social media platforms. Not only do they give the artist the chance to expand themselves and show off their hard work to the rest of the world, but it also creates a bridge for direct communication without having to sell their services and products through 3rd parties.

Here we will look at the best social media platforms that all artists should consider using.


One of the most popular social media platforms in the world right now is TikTok, starting out as a small video service and exploding into something that has essentially taken over as the de facto method of sharing videos and clips around the world.

Not only is its user base one of the fastest growing on the internet right now, but it creates the perfect platform for an artist to both present their work to the world and to connect with their clients in a more human way. A growing trend among artists is creating videos of themselves as they make their art, allowing people from around the world to watch in as it’s all put together.


Anyone artist that specialises in either 2D or 3D art will most likely have heard about ArtStation at one point or another. First stared in 2014, ArtStation has become one of the dominant platforms within the online world when it comes to sharing content.

In fact, it’s become so important in the art industry that many potential employees actually expect that artists have a profile on ArtStation where they can view their work. A lot of artists have embraced this way of doing things rather than using the likes, votes, and shares that would normally be found on Facebook – it means that clients and employees can see exactly what kind of art you create without there having to be a pseudo-popularity content to get the most exposure.


There have been numerous reports on the number of users that Facebook has lost to play live casino over the last few years, especially among younger generations; but they’re not removing social media altogether, but simply jumping over to Instagram, also owned by Facebook. Instagram, for many, has become the face of modern social media, with around 2 billion users and a platform for both individual socialising and company outreach. It’s also a haven for artists, allowing them to show off their creations on a platform that continues to grow bigger every day.


Most artists probably wouldn’t think of LinkedIn as a great place to advertise their work, but in recent years it has been transformed from a purely corporate platform to one that encompasses a wide range of careers.

In fact, the site is now home to plenty of artists from around the world who can use the site to build connections, show off the work they make, and do it all within a professionally curated ecosystem.


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