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How to create your own job and become your own entrepreneur

The working reality of the present is much more agile, much more mobile, and seems to be based entirely on the individual skills of the worker.

In the attempt to find the best job for our own (or someone else’s) expectations, we often tend to forget that the most suitable profession for us is not the one that can be found in job offers, in advertisements published by others, but the one that we can build by our own efforts, by attracting the job that best suits our personal characteristics and transforming it into our life’s profession.

Sometimes, in order to do this, it is necessary to focus on the knowledge and know-how one already has, with the aim of presenting it in an attractive guise and offering it to those who may need it. Most people nowadays toil uselessly between job advertisement sites, employment agencies or recruitment centres, or continue to waste three-quarters of their days on demanding job interviews that, in most cases, end in nothing, or even in miserable failure. Everyone seems to be convinced that work must necessarily be provided by others and that we, like mere cogs in a huge clock, are condemned to play this marginal, almost hidden role, always dependent on others. Some people seem to take this situation as a given, as something inevitable and absolutely indisputable, like the alternation of day and night.

All these people will have to stop for a moment, close their eyes and take a closer look at the problem. After careful examination, they will realise for themselves that their beliefs have little substance and that they have been imposed on them almost forcibly from the outside, by a society that inexorably tends to mould the minds of its citizens with a dangerous and harmful uniformity.

Destiny is at hand

Each of us is the architect of our own destiny. This is not a mere platitude, it is an accurate description of reality. If you are over 30 years old, you surely grew up in a kind of society where most people got up every morning to go to the office, perhaps staying in the same job for decades, then slowly (and quietly) moving towards retirement and relative affluence. This is the kind of society in which our parents, perhaps even our grandparents, grew up, and we are therefore led to believe that the future of the current generations must develop in exactly the same way. But the reality is completely different.

The present travels at double, even triple the speed of a few decades ago, and this immense speed seems to have also radically transformed the very structure of society and its working conventions. We are no longer in the era of workers locked in offices, glued to their desks for eight or nine hours a day, as if they were in some sort of prison.

The working reality of the present is much more agile, much more mobile, and seems to be based entirely on the individual skills of the worker. These skills must be skillfully harnessed to attract assignments, collaborations, and jobs of various kinds, in such a way that one becomes one’s, own entrepreneur. If you get used to this way of life, the office will become a distant memory. You will be able to work from wherever you want, and with complete freedom.

Actions to take

The first step in moving in this direction is to create a virtual portfolio with your best work so that you can quickly present it to your first clients. You will undoubtedly need to equip yourself with everything you need for smart working, such as a computer (or keyboard) and a good Internet connection. Of course, you will also have to know how to present your skills in a suggestive and appealing manner, thus making them particularly attractive to those who might need them. In this way, with a bit of luck, the road to security will become very easy to travel.

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The opportunity to revolutionise your life is right there, in front of you, at your fingertips. Do not look for it outside, in the job offers created by others, but rather try to find it within yourself, and nowhere else.


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