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Exploring investment opportunities and collaborate on vital infrastructure initiatives

The Projects Deal Room is designed to facilitate collaboration and drive investment in vital infrastructure projects across the continent.

Infrastructure Africa and African Infrastructure Developers Association (AfIDA) are proud to announce the launch of the Project Deal Room. The Projects Deal Room is a dynamic hub where project developers, investors, financiers, and stakeholders converge to present infrastructure project development opportunities and to drive impact in terms of success rates and speed of execution of these projects crucial for Africa’s sustainable development.

This is part of AfIDA’s highly effective Catapult Accelerator. 

Facilitating Project Collaboration

The Projects Deal Room is designed to facilitate collaboration and drive investment in vital infrastructure projects across the continent. Project developers from  across the private and public sector, will have the opportunity to showcase their initiatives, while investors and financiers can explore potential investment opportunities that align with their investment strategies.

Vivek Mittal, Chief Executive Officer of AfIDA
Structured Presentation Sessions

Eight project developers will be allocated one hour each, consisting of a 20-25 minute presentation followed by a 35-40 minute Q&A session with a group of mentors and the audience. This structured format ensures comprehensive insights into each project’s scope, potential impact, and investment requirements.

AUDA-NEPAD Nominations and Call for Developers

Three projects have already been nominated by AUDA-NEPAD, underscoring the calibre and relevance of initiatives featured in the Projects Deal Room.

Additionally, a call for five other developers of infrastructure projects from across the continent is enclosed, inviting all energy and infrastructure developers, regardless of stage or sub-sector, to participate.

Diverse Sectoral Focus

Projects spanning various sectors, including energy, water, transport, digital-ICT, urban development, and cities, will be showcased at the Projects Deal Room. This diversity reflects the forum’s commitment to addressing Africa’s infrastructure needs comprehensively and driving sustainable development across multiple sectors.

Encouraging Collaboration and Innovation:

The Projects Deal Room serves as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation, bringing together stakeholders from across the infrastructure ecosystem to exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and drive impactful initiatives that propel Africa’s development agenda forward.

Registration Information

Project developers, investors, financiers, and stakeholders interested in participating in the Projects Deal Room are encouraged to apply. Early registration is recommended to secure participation and maximise networking opportunities. 

Please submit your expressions of interest through AfIDA’s annual survey at:

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About Infrastructure Africa

Infrastructure Africa is dedicated to promoting infrastructure development and investment across the African continent. Through platforms like the Projects Deal Room, Infrastructure Africa fosters collaboration, drives investment, and catalyses transformative projects that contribute to Africa’s sustainable development goals.

About AfIDA

The Africa Infrastructure Development Association is the association of leading developers, investors, financiers and advisers active across the African Continent. Its members account for about US$60-billion of investments, about one-third of all private sector led energy and infra investments across the Continent.

AfIDA runs a very successful Catapult Accelerator where seventeen developers from eleven countries have already pitched their first project raising an aggregate $5-billion in sectors such as energy, telecoms and new-cities.

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