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Citiq Prepaid electricity and water sub-meters

With Citiq Prepaid, everyone benefits including the installer, property owner and tenant. There are no hidden costs, no connection fees, no monthly fixed fees and no switching fees.

Prepaid sub-metering has many advantages for both the property owner and the tenant. Prepaid ensures that tenants pay for their electricity and water upfront, making utility management significantly easier. Tenants can buy electricity and water tokens safely and easily, and property owners can recoup costs effortlessly.

It’s important to note that prepaid sub-meters do not replace the main council or Eskom meter. Meters are installed downstream from the main council or Eskom meter, for the area that will be consuming its own electricity or water. Citiq Prepaid meters are installed in houses, apartments, cottages, estates, managed apartment blocks, retail stores, vacation rentals and backyard rentals.

Prepaid sub-meters are perfectly suited for wherever the monitoring and management of electricity and water usage would come in handy.

Property owners and tenants get access to an online meter management portal to manage monthly utility bills and payments. Transparent reporting makes for easier administration and removes the possibility of utility bill payment disputes and discrepancies. Detailed reports enable owners to track and manage utility consumption efficiently.

If you own or manage property, find out how Citiq Prepaid sub-meters can benefit you

Citiq Prepaid sub-meters are widely stocked, and there are many contractors throughout South Africa that are qualified to install Citiq Prepaid sub-meters. Registering and activating meters is super quick and painless, and tenants can purchase tokens from a variety of kiosks, supermarkets and online platforms. Citiq Prepaid meters are high quality, SABS approved and STS compliant and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

We also reward our installers for every meter they install, read more about the Citiq Installation Club loyalty program.

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