The automotive industry, like other manufacturing industries, is plagued with a lack of skilled workers which is further compounded by the retirement of existing skilled and qualified workers within the automotive industry.

The Gauteng Automotive Learning Centre Project is a partnership between Nissan South Africa (Pty) Ltd (NSA) and the Gauteng Provincial Government and was launched in June 2014. The purpose of the Learning Centre is to create a pipeline of skilled, competent and certified workforce to support the automotive and allied industries as a whole.

In order for the Learning Centre to offer a full value chain of services ranging from training to trade test certification, it needed to establish a Trade Test Centre to service the immediate needs of a sector which is littered with a skilled but non-certified and academically recognised workforce.

The AIDC Trade Test Centre

The Trade Test Centre in the Rosslyn hub services the automotive industry as a whole and forms part of the full value chain of training, testing and certification for trades.

The centrally based trade testing centre accommodates role-players in the automotive and allied industries to actively participate with the developmental and training processes of skilled technicians for the automotive fields.

Trades covered at the AIDC Trade Testing Centre is focused on the following:

  • Millwright
  • Auto Electrician
  • Motor mechanic
  • Diesel mechanic
  • Tool maker
  • Boiler maker
  • Welding
  • Spray painting
  • Fitter and turner
  • Automotive body repairer

The AIDC offers state-of-the-art manufacturing support facilities, to encourage opportunities for skills development & training at competitive rates.

For any enquiries, please contact the AIDC.

Download: AIDC Trade Test Centre Brochure here (PDF)

The AIDC Trade Test Centre is situated in the heart of Rosslyn, within the largest automotive hub within South Africa.

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