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Redevelopment of Durban’s Warwick Precinct

Projects underway in the Warwick area include: Berea Station Mall, a taxi holding facility, creation of a cold room storage facility and informal trade infrastructure upgrades.

  • Catalytic Project: Category A (in or near implementation)
  • Area: Inner City

Project description

The Warwick Precinct redevelopment project aims to restructure transport facilities and operations, as well as social economic activities and social fabric, within a wider strategic framework for the area.

  • Projects underway in the Warwick area include the Berea Station Mall, a taxi holding facility, the creation of a cold room storage facility and upgrading of informal trade infrastructure.
  • The project is crucial in promoting linkages between work and residential destinations.
  • The Precinct accommodates vast number of commuters and therefore the area has developed into a major economic node, boasting student accommodation, retail and housing opportunities.
Warwick Junction inbound and outbound flyover

Socio-economic benefits

  • Investment value: R1.3-billion
  • Annual rates: R250,000 per annum
  • Construction jobs: 3 500
  • Permanent jobs: 2 670

Project status*

  • Urban designs and building plans complete for the mall and taxi facility and awaiting city’s approval.
  • Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is ready to be signed by all three parties.
  • Draft Council report for budget approval complete awaiting for the signed MOA.

Key issues / challenges

  • Delays in signing of the MOA by PRASA and the developer.
  • Infrastructure funding shortages.
  • Potential community conflicts based on previous projects.

Response and way forward

  • Continuous stakeholder forums, including the community and City Councillors.
  • Engagement with PRASA through National Treasury is underway.
  • Alternative forms of infrastructure funding are being explored through inter-alia public-private-partnership.

*As at March 2017

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