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Identified economic clusters generating opportunities in planned Special Economic Zone

Find out more about opportunities within agro-processing, development of ICT infrastructure, mineral beneficiation, as well as various green energy and manufacturing opportunities.

Identified Cluster Opportunities

Development of ICT infrastructure
Mineral Beneficiation
  • Chrome, platinum group metals, iron ore and magnetite
  • Development of platinum refinery
Green Energy
  • Production of solar and biomass energy
  • Hydrogen energy from fuel cells as part of the South African Hydrogen Valley led by the Department of Science and Innovation
  • Production and refurbishment of batteries
  • Auto-catalysts
  • Green energy automotive components and electric vehicles (manufacture and assembly)
  • Trucking components
  • Mining machinery, equipment and components

FTSEZ Implementation Approach

The Tubatse Hydrogen Valley and Mineral Beneficiation Journey
  • Phase 1: West of R555: Integrate the 36 ha Mining Integrated Supply Park (MISP), set up top infrastructure, fence and clear 280 ha site.
  • Anchor investments: Input manufacturing suppliers and green vehicle components cluster.
  • Phase 2: East of R555: Clear site and fence the 980 ha site and provide bulk services and begin housing development.
  • Anchor investments: Renewable energy companies, smelter and refinery and chrome products.
  • Phase 3: Design and build a logistics hub for export markets. Just-on-time delivery and efficiencies.
  • Anchor investments: Logistics Hub Station with a strong 4IR platform.

Construction Phases of FTSEZ

The Fetakgomo-Tubatse SEZ will cover a total area of 1 220 ha of land. Phase 1 consists of 316 ha which is reserved mainly for a mix of light and heavy industrial use and other hydrogen energy related uses, while Phases 2 and 3 will be developed in line with market demands and will include:

  • Renewable energy
  • Heavy industry
  • Additional light industry space
  • Mixed use and residential

More than six tenants have already committed to setting up operations for Phase 1 implementation in chrome-related beneficiation, hydrogen energy components assembly, electric vehicles, solar energy and pharmaceuticals.

Contact Fetakgomo-Tubatse SEZ

Companies operating in the above clusters and seeking a well-placed and secure location for their operations are invited to contact the FTSEZ below:


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