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Funding needed for municipal infrastructure upgrades

Funding is sought for upgrading of the water and power reticulation systems and refurbishment of the water treatment plant.

  • Project location: Maluti-a-Phofung Special Economic Zone
  • Region: Free State Province, South Africa
  • Economic sector: Infrastructure Development

Project description:

  • The Maluti-a-Phofung Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is located within the Maluti-a-Phofung Municipality.
  • The infrastructure that immediately surrounds this SEZ is in desperate need of upgrades and refurbishments.
  • These include upgrades to the water and power reticulation systems and refurbishment of the water treatment plant.
  • The municipality is expected to repair the water treatment plant for the treatment of effluent water.
  • This treatment plant has not been operational for a year and must be brought back on-line with immediate effect. This is the most crucial infrastructure project at present.
  • The municipality, in partnership with Eskom and the SEZ, are expected to upgrade the sub-station in order for it to accommodate the required 80 MVA for the SEZ.
  • The municipality currently receives 10 Megaliter (ML) of water per day for the area. This needs to increase by 40 ML per day to accommodate the SEZ’s 20 ML per day requirement and the estimated 20 ML per day that is now required for the residential area.

Funding gap:

  • Estimated amount of R70-million funding over two financial years required.

Sources of funding:

• Department of Trade and Industry and/or relevant funding partner.

Number of jobs to be created (direct and indirect):

  • The number of jobs will be determined by the Municipality’s scope of work.


  • The project will seek to employ previously disadvantaged persons, including the youth.

Project schedule:

  • Projects to commence as soon as funds are available.

Project status:

  • The municipality does not have the funds to undertake the urgently required repairs of the waste water treatment plant.
  • Eskom is to be presented with the power requirements of the area in order to upgrade the power supply. This can only be done through municipality as the power supply runs from Eskom to the municipality and then to MAPSEZ.

Unblocking issues needed to be resolved:

  • Funding required as the municipality is currently under administration and as a result is not functioning at its full capacity.


  • Maluti-a-Phofung Municipality
  • Eskom
  • MAP Water

Interested parties please contact the Project Manager:

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