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Company producing eco-friendly drinking straws seeks funding for expansion

Far_Go Straws produces and distributes a range of stainless-steel, reusable, consumer-friendly straws. The company is currently in the process of adding bamboo straws to its product range.

Company name and background:

Far_Go Straws is a Bloemfontein-based eco-business that was founded in January 2019. It was inspired by a trip and participation in the Miss Earth Global competition in the Philippines in 2018. The product is an alternative form of reusable straws that are currently being introduced in most parts of the world. This is in line with creating sustainable products that are also environmentally friendly, to cut down on the pollution of our environment.

  • Country of origin: RSA
  • Provincial location: Bloemfontein, Free State
  • Economic sector: Manufacturing

Far_Go Straws produces a range of stainless-steel, reusable, consumer-friendly straws. It is a solution to each individual to lower their carbon footprint and help companies and franchises to have a lighter trail of waste production. These straws are portable and can be used countless times.

The design is sophisticated and will complement any fine dining table. Fargo Straws are safe and durable, which means they can be used by all members of the family. They are also oxidation and corrosion resistant.

The range of products come in seven different colours: gold, silver, black, rainbow, rose gold, blue and purple. These are sold as sets or as single straws. The set comes with a straw cleaner. The company is currently in the process of adding bamboo straws to its product range.

Investment value:
  • R10-million
Sources of funding:
  • Private
Funding gap:
  • R10-million
Incentives available:
  • Tax incentive
  • dtic incentives
  • Low rates and taxes
Number of jobs to be created (direct and indirect):
  • 300 direct jobs, 50+ seasonal jobs

This project will empower mostly the youth, as one of the company’s policies is to assist with the societal dilemma of youth unemployment. At least 40% of the staff will be women and the company will allocate well-equipped and qualified staff who have special needs but are well able to be appointed/hired to execute their duties

Project schedule:
  • To be recommissioned in October 2019
Project status:
  • 24 months for manufacturing and distribution across the country (short-medium term)
  • Procurement of machinery and material
  • Training staff
  • Distribution schedules
  • Marketing and establishment of provincial offices
Regulatory requirements: 
  • Health and Safety (Department of Environmental Affairs), South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)
Unblocking issues needed to be resolved:

The company aims to lower the pressing issues of unemployment and, most importantly, reduce the carbon footprint of the average consumer by giving them the option of using a sustainable and durable product over single-use plastics in their everyday lives.

“More than just a straw’’, the company’s slogan, embodies the vision of this company: to undo, prevent further environmental pollution and empower the consumer to make the sustainable choice.

Youth unemployment, education and community go hand in hand. A good, clean and healthy environment is the perfect breeding ground for progress in the consumer industry. In summary, it is reducing youth unemployment, curbing the global carbon footprint, and consumer education in the area of sustainability.

  • Public-Private-Partnership

Image: Far_Go Straws on Twitter:

Interested parties are asked to contact the Project Manager:

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