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Brickworks to be established in Kimberley mining region

The brick manufacturing plant is to be situated in Kimberley and bricks will be produced using slimes from the mining operations in the area.

Manufacturing of bricks from slimes

In 2004, De Beers Consolidated Mines conducted a study on its slimes, which were found to have the potential for brick making.

After securing a potential investor, further tests were done in Spain and it it was found that slimes (from the mining operations) contained suitable ingredients for the manufacture of various types of face bricks.

The project is situated in the town of Kimberley in the Frances Baard District Municipality, Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

Investment value: R87-million

The total number of jobs to be created (direct and indirect/construction phase) once the plant is fully operational will be 112.

Current partnerships:
  • Sol Plaatje Municipality
  • De Beers Consolidated Mines including ex-mine workers trust
  • Department of Trade and Industry (the dti)

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