Xylomed® Pharmaceuticals

  • Location: eThekwini Metro
  • Economic Sector: Pharmaceutical (Health Care)

Project background and description

Xylomed® Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd is a newly established pharmaceutical company with a distinct vision to formulate, design and manufacture new innovative medicinal products that have relevance in African markets in SADC, COMESA & ECOWAS regions.

Xylomed® Pharmaceuticals has well over 2100 medicines in the following categories:
  • Human Pharmaceutical Products
  • Chemotherapy & Radiation Oncology Products
  • Animal Health Pharmaceutical Products
  • Plant Health Pharmaceutical Products
  • Aqua Health Pharmaceutical Products

Xylomed® Pharmaceuticals aims to launch all its products in various markets across Africa. The company has already managed to register some of its products (a total of 100) in Malawi, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Zambia, and Nigeria.

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Xylomed® Pharmaceuticals will ensure that the newly-built Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plants will be accredited by various leading regulators across the world such as the European Medicines Agency (EMA), US Federal Drug Agency (FDA), the World Health Organisation (WHO) and SAHPRA, as well as other relevant medicine regulators across the continent.

Total investment value: R3,5-billion ($240-million)

Job creation

  • 3 000 temporary jobs and
  • 1 000 permanent jobs to be created with this project.

Project status

The following studies have been conducted:
  • Sector economic analysis,
  • legal analysis,
  • operational model,
  • environmental requirements,
  • socio-economic impact analysis, and
  • research and development parameters and requirements.

Financed by:

  • Private investors and equity partners
  • This project seeks further private investors for equity funding


Key project partners include:
  • Academic institutions
  • Biotech companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Companies providing technologies/platforms
  • Consumer Health Care companies

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